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206 Possible Causes for Dupuytren Contractures, Joint Swelling, Rotator Cuff Tear

Did you mean: Dupuytren, Contractures, Joint Swelling, Rotator Cuff Tear

  • Arthropathy

    […] fascia can be observed due to Dupuytren's contractures. [1] Tinel’s sign Tinel’s sign is present in the presence of CTS.[] rotator cuff tears to cuff tear arthropathy.[] Charcot arthropathy neuropathic arthropathy. chondrocalcific arthropathy progressive polyarthritis with joint swelling and bony enlargement, most commonly in the small joints[]

  • Frozen Shoulder

    Active fibroblastic proliferation similar to that of Dupuytren's contracture is documented.[] METHODS: Tissue from patients with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and rotator cuff tear were obtained during shoulder arthroscopies.[] swells, thickens and contracts.[]

  • Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis

    Dupuytren's contracture Plantar fibromatosis Aggressive fibromatosis Knuckle pads This article about a disease of musculoskeletal and connective tissue is a stub.[] METHODS: We treated 9 patients with PVNS of the shoulder, irreparable rotator cuff tear, and slight glenohumeral arthropathy (group I).[] A 7-year-old female patient had a 6-month history of multifocal joints swelling with mild pain.[]

  • Ganglion Cyst

    Dupuytren’s contracture.[] According to a review article published in 2010, forty-one cases of ACJ ganglion have been described, and most occurred in patients with an associated rotator cuff tear. 26[] Cuff Tears in Patients Older Than Sixty-five: Indications for Cuff Repair versus Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Knee Patellofemoral Instability in the Skeletally Immature[]

  • Traumatic Arthropathy

    […] multiple sites Codes with Same Suffix H04.571 Stenosis of right lacrimal sac M05.571 Rheumatoid polyneuropathy with rheumatoid arthritis of right ankle and foot M24.571 Contracture[] If the symptoms of rotator cuff tear arthropathy (shoulder arthritis with a massive rotator cuff tear) are mild the condition may be treated with gentle motion exercises and[] Traumatic arthropathy is due to an injury to the joint that caused bleeding, swelling and/or distension of the joint.[]

  • Hemarthrosis

    Typical contractures, as in the knee, may respond slowly to prolonged treatment of wedging casts, stretching, physiotherapy and braces.[] We believe that the arthroscopy facilitated the clinical management of the repeated hemarthrosis with massive rotator cuff tear.[] The clinical presentation of hemarthrosis is characterized by an acute and sudden onset of joint swelling and pain, regardless of the cause.[]

  • Joint Subluxation

    We present a very unusual case of subluxation of the fifth MTP joint following a postboil skin contracture.[] Cuff Tears in Patients Older Than Sixty-five: Indications for Cuff Repair versus Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Knee Patellofemoral Instability in the Skeletally Immature[] Signs of Joint Subluxation Some of the common symptoms of a joint subluxation include: Pain around the injured joint A sensation of wanting to give-out or being unstable Swelling[]

  • Bursitis

    […] of palmar fascia Dupuytren's contracture 728.7 Other fibromatoses 728.71 Plantar fascial fibromatosis Contracture of plantar fascia Plantar fasciitis (traumatic) 728.79 Other[] An MRI may be considered to define bursitis and to ensure there is no sign of a rotator cuff tear.[] Symptoms of bursitis may include any of the following: Joint pain and tenderness when you press around the joint Stiffness and aching when you move the affected joint Swelling[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    Periarticular tendons and ligaments become stressed, resulting in tendinitis and contractures.[] RESULTS: The mean CSA with rotator cuff tear (33.9    4.1 ) was significantly greater than that without a rotator cuff tear (32.3    4.5 ; P   .002).[] Pronunciation Specialty Rheumatology, orthopedics Symptoms Joint pain, stiffness, joint swelling, decreased range of motion American College of Rheumatology Factsheet on OA[]

  • Synovial Cyst

    He had previously undergone surgical release of the soft tissues anterior to both hip joints because of contractures following spinal injury.[] A chronic rotator cuff tear should be the first option in differential diagnosis, when facing such a condition, although this is not always the case.[] Ultrasonographic examination and MRI were performed in all cases, showing the real nature of the swelling and the connection to the joint.[]

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