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1,390 Possible Causes for Dysesthesia, Foot Discomfort, Microsporum

  • Raynaud's Disease

    Dysesthesiae and regional diaphoresis may coincide with the ischemic phase, while throbbing pain often accompanies recovery.[] Tarsal coalition-related flat feet usually cause pain or discomfort.[] […] as associated with tarsal coalition will cause unusual movement of the mid-foot and other joints through the lower limbs.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Tinea Pedis

    However, in most sports, any distraction caused by foot discomfort will undoubtedly detract from performance.[] Microsporum duboisii Microsporum equinum Microsporum ferrugineum Microsporum fulvum Microsporum gallinae Microsporum gypseum Microsporum langeronii Microsporum nanum Microsporum[] […] coming back. treatments from a pharmacy don't work you're in a lot of discomfort your foot is red, hot and painful – this could be a more serious infection you have diabetes[]

    Missing: Dysesthesia
  • Polyneuropathy

    CASE PRESENTATION: A 70-year-old Caucasian man developed, in the course of 3 months, polyneuropathy with unpleasant dysesthesia of lower extremities and gradually increasing[] Patients generally notice weakness in their legs, manifesting as “rubbery legs” or legs that tend to buckle, with or without dysesthesias (numbness or tingling).[] This results in paresthesia and dysesthesia on the sides of adjacent toes (particularly after walking).[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    Both patients underwent surgical decompression of the anterior tarsal tunnel with reduction of their pain and dysesthesias.[] This compression causes pain and discomfort in the foot, especially when walking.[] […] history Findings: Parathesia or burning sensation in the territory of the distal branches of the tibial nerve Prolonged walking or standing often exacerbates patient’s pain Dysesthesia[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Perianal Candidiasis

    Athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin of the feet which can also Mild to intense itchiness mostly in between the toes.[] Although these germs belong to different “families” (technically called genera, which include: Microsporum, Trichophyton, and Epidermophyton ) they can cause infections that[] 2018 (effective 10/1/2017) : No change 2019 (effective 10/1/2018) : No change Baerensprung's disease B35.6 (eczema marginatum) Dermatophytosis (epidermophyton) (infection) (Microsporum[]

  • Ankle Sprain

    […] osteochondral lesions of talus - peroneal tendon disruption - tarsal coaliltion - Physical Exam : - be sure to look for concomitant syndesmotic and subtalar instability; - note any dysesthesia[] An ankle sprain may be accompanied by a foot injury that causes discomfort but has gone unnoticed thus far. Rehabilitation of a sprained ankle needs to begin right away.[] Don't force your foot into a boot if you feel a lot of pain or discomfort.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating side effect of chemotherapy, which manifests as paresthesias, dysesthesias, and numbness in the hands and feet[] […] at risk of being damaged and not knowing about it there can be symptoms of pain and burning leading to discomfort (painful neuropathy).[] ., pain, dysesthesias) or 'negative' (e.g., loss of touch, vibration, position sense) neuropathic symptoms or signs.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Sciatica

    The patient complained of dysesthesia in the left leg after surgery, which progressively improved completely over 8 months after the operation.[] When one of the nerve roots in the lower spine is irritated or compressed, the result is pain felt in the lower back, buttock region and/or parts of the leg and foot.[] Also gait dysfunction (toe walking, foot drop and knee buckling) [1], paresthesias or dysesthesias are frequent neurological symptoms [3].[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Surgical release of the flexor retinaculum is indicated in cases of pronounced nocturnal pain, permanent dysesthesias and prolonged distal motor latency on electroneurography[] Symptoms Foot pain Pain or discomfort can be felt anywhere in the foot.[] See also [ edit ] Anaphia Dysesthesia Hyperesthesia Paresthesia Raynaud_syndrome References [ edit ] a b c d Chen, Li-Feng; Yang, Yang; Yu, Xin-Guang; Gui, Qiu-Ping; Bu, Bo[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Morton's Metatarsalgia

    She had a continuous aching and burning of the distal foot associated with hyperpathia and dysesthesia. This was increased with light palpation of the area.[] […] in the ball of the foot The discomfort may even result in burning sensation, or one may feel a foreign body presence between the third and fourth toes, especially when standing[] We recommend wearing shoes have spaces to avoid discomfort when you wear the ball of foot cushions. 2.Can wear barefoot, but we recommend to wear with compression socks for[]

    Missing: Microsporum

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