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67 Possible Causes for Dysgeusia, Jaw Pain, Tooth Loss

  • Gingivitis

    Tooth decay (dental caries) also may result. If not treated, gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and eventual tooth loss.[] Abscessed Tooth Symptoms Bad breath Fever Gum redness Pain Swelling An untreated tooth abscess may lead to a dangerous infection of the jaw bone and other tissues.[] When this happens, teeth are no longer anchored in place, they become looser, and tooth loss occurs. Gum disease, in fact, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.[]

  • Dental Caries

    Upon ignorance at initial stage, may lead to inflammation of tissue around the teeth, tooth loss and abscesses formation.[] You have severe pain in your tooth or jaw. You have swelling in your jaw or cheek. When should I contact my dentist? You have a fever. Your tooth pain gets worse.[] Change in the sense of taste ( dysgeusia ) is a common side effect of both chemotherapy and head and/or neck radiation therapy.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    In reality, occlusal disease is an unbalanced bite that at best can wear and damage your teeth and at worst, contribute to eventual tooth loss and/or debilitation temporomandibular[] […] result in jaw, face, and head and neck pain.[] Capp N J; Tooth Surface Loss; Part 3: Occlusion and splint therapy, British Dental Journal, Vol. 186, No. 5, 1999. Solberg W K, Clark G T, Rugh J D.[]

  • Periodontitis

    AIM: This retrospective longitudinal study assessed the risk of and prognostic factors for tooth loss in patients with generalized aggressive periodontitis (GAgP) after periodontal[] Schedule regular dental exams, eat healthfully, brush and floss and, if you have trouble taking care of your teeth due to stiff, painful hands or jaws, speak to your dentist[] […] and Cracking of the Jaw) Tooth Discolouration Tooth sensitivity (sensitive teeth) Torus Trismus Ulcers and canker sores Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)[]

  • Dental Disorder

    If you don't, you could have problems with your teeth and gums - like cavities or even tooth loss.[] It’s Time to Tackle Your Jaw Pain with Non- Invasive TMJ Disorder Treatment from Ryan Dental Group in Allen, TX February 9, 2015 Do you suffer from chronic jaw pain and discomfort[] Stomatitis Schlosser et al, [41] Sun et al, [52] Zimmermann and Hurrell [53] Zinc deficiency Burning mouth syndrome Recurrent aphthous stomatitis Perioral or intraoral erosions Dysgeusia[]

  • Sinusitis

    Sinus Infection Symptoms and Signs Stuffy nose or congestion Runny nose (mucus may be yellowish or greenish in color) Postnasal drip Tooth discomfort or pain Loss of sense[] Hence, pathology here may be felt as upper jaw pain, toothache or pain in the skin of the cheek. This article will give you an overview of rhinosinusitis.[] […] defining and recording adverse events should be considered at the protocol stage and the adverse events recorded should include gastrointestinal disturbances, skin rashes, dysgeusia[]

  • Chronic Sinusitis

    METHODS: A total of 83 patients (159 maxillary sinuses) were selected and underwent clinical dental examination to assess tooth mobility and pulp condition.[] , or teeth pain Cough Nausea Sore throat Fatigue Disturbed sleep Recovery begins with an accurate diagnosis Chronic sinusitis can be somewhat difficult to diagnose because[] , coughing, jaw pain, fatigue, sore throat and nausea that can accompany all of it… Quite frankly, it’s horrible and can really put a cramp in your lifestyle.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    […] syndrome Vertical root fracture Occlusal Tooth loss Edentulism Tooth wear Abrasion Abfraction Acid erosion Attrition Periodontium (gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum[] , so it perceives the pain as coming from somewhere on the body wall, e.g. left arm/hand pain, jaw pain.[] The rash may never appear as a diagnostic guide in elderly patients with dermatomal pain alone (“zoster sine herpete”); acute facial palsy, hearing loss, vertigo, or dysgeusia[]

  • Xerostomia

    Some of the complications of Xerostomia that logically follow include dental decay, gum disease and tooth loss.[] Call your physician if you develop any signs of infection of your mouth, teeth, or jaw. Signs include pain, swelling, redness, drainage, and fevers.[] Xerostomia can lead to dysgeusia, glossodynia, sialadenitis, cracking and fissuring of the oral mucosa, and halitosis.[]

  • Uncinate Seizure

    Although benign, it may be locally aggressive, causing extensive bone destruction, tooth displacement and root resorption. 51 – Child with anodontia and loss of body hair,[] Elderly patients sometimes develop obscurely originated dysgeusia that can cause anorexia and loss of weight.[] Reviewed on 9/7/2018 QUESTION What causes tooth decay? See Answer[]

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