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1,339 Possible Causes for Dyspareunia, Indecisiveness, Urge Urinary Incontinence

  • Menopause

    Urinary incontinence.[] MAIN OUTCOMES: Severity of dyspareunia, dryness, sexual function, sexual satisfaction and frequency of sexual intercourse defined the primary outcomes.[] […] the other hand, though, for me to categorically say no seems like a kick in the teeth to all the kids in the world who are already down; the result of this discomfiting indecision[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    […] suggest that sexual performance anxiety can contribute to retarded ejaculation. 18,27 Anxiety disorders and pain disorders High levels of anxiety have been found in women with dyspareunia[] People with GAD can also be very indecisive or have a fear of making the wrong decision, can overthink and have difficulty concentrating or have the feeling that their minds[] Dyspareunia Dyspareunia is the medical term for painful sexual intercourse.[]

  • Gonorrhea

    Symptoms of gonorrhea in women include vaginal discharge, dysuria, intermenstrual bleeding, dyspareunia and abdominal pain. In men, gonorrhea causes anterior urethritis.[] […] can include: Vaginal discharge Burning or pain when urinating ( dysuria ) Vaginal itchiness Bleeding between periods Lower abdominal pain or discomfort Pain during sex (dyspareunia[] PID may include salpingitis, pelvic peritonitis, and pelvic abscesses and may cause lower abdominal discomfort (typically bilateral), dyspareunia, and marked tenderness on[]

    Missing: Indecisiveness
  • Interstitial Cystitis

    To evaluate whether ocular migraines can be related to sympathetic nervous system hypofunction, especially when associated with interstitial cystitis and dyspareunia.[] The effect of botulinum-A toxin on patients with severe urge urinary incontinence. J Urol. 2004 Dec. 172(6 Pt 1):2316-20. [Medline]. Rapp DE, Lucioni A, Katz EE, et al.[] Abstract Interstitial cystitis is a syndrome characterized by pelvic pain, urinary urgency/frequency, nocturia, and dyspareunia, with no other identifiable etiology.[]

    Missing: Indecisiveness
  • Acute Anxiety

    […] the symptoms below: Excessive worrying Restlessness Muscle tension Insomnia, which is not being able to fall or stay asleep Irritability Fatigue Difficulty concentrating Indecision[] When anticipatory anxiety, worry, indecision, depression, embarrassment, feelings of inferiority, and self-blame are involved across most life situations, a generalized form[]

    Missing: Dyspareunia
  • Allergic Cystitis

    Urinary tract infection Vaginitis Urge incontinence Chlamydia, herpes, and other STD’s Kidney stones Endometriosis Bladder cancer Interstitial cystitis can be downright debilitating[] The main vulvodynia symptom is pain in your genital area, which can be characterized by burning, soreness, itching, stinging, rawness, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), or[] Thank you again for your inquiry and I am sorry to be so indecisive, but the literature does not justify a decisive opinion at this point. Kristene E Whitmore, MD.[]

  • Rectocele

    None of the patients encountered de novo dyspareunia after the procedure.[] Urge Incontinence Utero Vaginal Prolapse Prolapse/Incontinence Videos Cystocele Rectocele Stress Urinary Incontinence Urinary Urge Incontinence Urinary Incontinence Utero[] […] related to previous surgery Stress incontinence Urge incontinence Urinary Retention Urinary incontinence Urinary tract infection - chronic or recurrent Urogenital Fistula[]

    Missing: Indecisiveness
  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Usually, within hours, the UTI will manifest with characteristic symptoms, including: Pain or burning during urination ( dysuria ) An increased urge to urinate (urinary urgency[] However, IUDs are associated with short-term complications such as vaginal bleeding, pelvic discomfort, dyspareunia and pelvic infection.[] The female urinary microbiome in urgency urinary incontinence. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2015;213:347.e1-11. [ Crossref ] [ PubMed ] Fenner A.[]

    Missing: Indecisiveness
  • Cystitis

    Urinary incontinence. Vaginal burning.[] Women may also experience pain during menstruation, or dyspareunia. More women than men develop interstitial cystitis.[] […] with IC/BPS, the most common locations of the pain were the lower abdomen, cited by 80% of those surveyed; the urethral area, cited by 74%; and the low back, by 65%. 7 (Dyspareunia[]

    Missing: Indecisiveness
  • Urethrocele

    Stress incontinence often accompanies cystocele or cystourethrocele. When either of these disorders is severe, urinary retention and overflow incontinence can occur.[] A large urethrocele can cause difficulty in voiding, some degree of incontinence, urinary tract infection, and dyspareunia.[] In cervical cancer survivors, before treatment the prevalences of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), urgency urinary incontinence (UUI) and fecal incontinence (FI) were 24[]

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