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44 Possible Causes for Dyspepsia, Positive Romberg Sign

Did you mean: dysgeusia, positive romberg sign

  • Tabes Dorsalis

    ., sudden, brief, and severe stab-like pain Physical exam Argyll-Robertson pupil absent lower extremity reflexes impaired vibratory and propioception sense positive Romberg[] sign Please rate topic.[]

  • Pernicious Anemia

    [ page needed ] It presents with a number of further common symptoms, [19] [ page needed ] [20] [ page needed ] including depressive mood , low-grade fevers , diarrhea , dyspepsia[] , lack of coordination and muscle coordination (ataxia), impaired fine finger movement, positive Babinski’s and Romberg’s signs, light-headedness, altered vision (diplopia[] […] neurologic effects may include neuritis, weakness in the extremities, peripheral numbness and paresthesias (an abnormal sensation like tingling or burning), disturbed sense of position[]

  • Epigastric Hernia

    […] and epigastric pain Pathogenesis of Dyspepsia and epigastric pain may be due to traction on the lesser omentum or the stomach Examination in CLINICAL PICTURE of Epigastric[] In around half of cases, compression of the obturator nerve passing through the obturator canal will result in a positive Howship-Romberg sign (hip and knee pain exacerbated[] […] confused with upper GI pathology Epigastric pain which may increase after meals May be acutely painful after physical exercise Nause and early satiety Reflux and non-ulcer dyspepsia[]

  • POEMS Syndrome

    CASE REPORT A 37 year old woman was admitted to our hospital with three months’ history of polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss (8 kg in three months), dyspepsia, and diarrhoea[] In addition to evidence of a sensorimotor deficit, common physical findings include areflexia, a steppage gait, and a positive Romberg sign.[] All modalities of sensations including pain, touch, temperature, vibration and joint position senses were impaired below knees. Romberg's sign was positive.[]

  • Subacute Combined Degeneration of Spinal Cord

    No psychological disorders, no rhagades or gastrointestinal symptoms like Hunter glossitis, jaundice, diarrhea, dyspepsia or increased values of bilirubin were found.[] ; and a positive Romberg test.[] Older age, sensory deficits, anemia, positive Romberg and Babinski signs are negatively correlated with complete resolution.[]

  • Autoimmune Pangastritis

    Gastritis, also called dyspepsia, is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach.[] , ataxic gait, limb weakness/spasticity (hyperreflexia) Positive Romberg sign Lhermitte’s sign Segmental cutaneous sensory level Autonomic nervous system Postural hypotension[] Analyzing all patients with upper GI symptoms (n 181), 60.2% (n 109) reported PDS-like dyspepsia , 3.8% (n 7) EPS-like dyspepsia , 7.2% (n 13) overlap PDS and EPS-like dyspepsia[]

  • Littre Hernia

    […] up to 1972, just 38 cases of strangulated Meckel diverticulum in a femoral hernia had been reported. 4 Symptoms of Littre hernia consist of vague, crampy abdominal pain, dyspepsia[] In around half of cases, compression of the obturator nerve passing through the obturator canal will result in a positive Howship-Romberg sign (hip and knee pain exacerbated[] […] bowel obstruction that resolve spontaneously and a palpable mass in the proximal medial aspect of the thigh. 5 The Howship Romberg sign is positive in about 50 % of cases[]

  • Xanthomatosis

    The most common side effect is dyspepsia.[] The Romberg sign was slightly positive and some cerebellar ataxia was noted with walking. In 1970 he was clinically observed.[] dyspepsia, gallstones(cholesterol secretion into bile) 會增強warfarin and certain hypoglycemic作用 Niacin以哪種藥最常用?[]

  • Diffuse Serous Labyrinthitis

    Talley NJ, Choung RS: Whither dyspepsia? A historical perspective of functional dyspepsia, and concepts of pathogenesis and therapy in 2009.[] Romberg’s sign – some patients* with cerebellar ataxia also have a positive Romberg’s sign and they are also dependent on visual cues for maintenance of postural balance[] Patients with disorders such as dyspepsia, gastro-esophageal ref lux disease (GERD), peptic ulcer disease (PUD), or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may have nausea and vomiting[]

  • Gemignani Syndrome

    Bredenoord Characterization of gastric volume responses and liquid emptying in functional dyspepsia and health by MRI or barostat and simultaneous 13 C-acetate breath test[] Vibration and joint position sense was comparatively well preserved for the first time. Sensory ataxia and Romberg’s sign were not seen.[] Deep sensation such as joint position and vibratory sense was substantially well preserved. Sensory ataxia and Romberg’s sign was not seen.[]

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