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299 Possible Causes for Dyspnea, Jugular Venous Distention

  • Cardiogenic Shock

    Head and Neck: Jugular venous distention may be evident due to the increased a cardiac compliance.[] A 69-year-old woman presented to the emergency department (ED) with complaint of chest pain and dyspnea.[] venous distention and crackles in the lungs are usually (but not always) present; peripheral edema also may be present.[]

  • Heart Failure

    Proper evaluation of the patient’s history as well as physical checks for signs of congestion such as jugular venous distention can bring about the underlying cardiac abnormality[] Compared with control group, there was no effect on dyspnea improvement.[] Systemic venous hypertension is manifested by jugular venous distention.[]

  • Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension

    Physical examination often reveals signs of right heart failure including jugular venous distention, hepatomegaly, ascites, and peripheral edema. 1 Bruits may be appreciated[] In 2014, IVCF occlusion and marked collateral circulation were noted during an examination for transient dyspnea; however, his warfarin level was within the therapeutic range[] A 35-year-old man with a six-month history of progressive exertional dyspnea was referred to our institution.[]

  • Pneumothorax

    Jugular venous distention and tracheal deviation are late and unreliable findings of tension pneumothorax [1,2].[] A 75-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man presented with dyspnea, and facial swelling and abdominal pain, respectively.[] We describe a 36-year-old patient who was admitted to the emergency ward for acute dyspnea due to a spontaneous pneumothorax.[]

  • Pulmonary Edema

    venous distention….. 29.[] […] anxiety Productive cough (could be blood tinged) Palpitations and chest pain Exercise induced dyspnea Orthostatic dyspnea (dyspnea while lying down) Increased weight Bipedal[] If right heart failure exists, there may be swelling of the feet, ankles, and legs as well as jugular venous distention (a prominence of the veins in the neck associated with[]

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    Look for signs of right-side heart failure, such as jugular venous distention and peripheral edema.[] The patient suffered dyspnea after undergoing the injection laryngoplasty.[] We report a case of PVOD, who was misdiagnosed as IPAH for 5 years with worsening dyspnea and two episodes of pulmonary embolism (PE).[]

  • Pericarditis

    Signs and symptoms of predominantly right heart failure were present with jugular venous distention, edema and ascites in 89%, 89% and 62% of the cases, respectively.[] We report a rare case of a mediastinal malignant granular cell tumor in a 41-year-old man presenting with dyspnea, retrosternal chest pain, and recurrent pericardial effusion[] Venous Distention Associated Myocarditis findings See Myocarditis Children may present with more subtle findings (e.g.[]

  • Aortic Dissection

    Cardiac tamponade may cause pulsus paradoxus and jugular venous distention. Pearls & Pitfalls Only about 20% of patients with aortic dissection have pulse deficits.[] Left-sided neurologic deficits were the most common presentation, followed by dyspnea and bilateral lower extremity deficits.[] Signs and symptoms of cardiac tamponade—including muffled or distant heart sounds, hypotension, jugular venous distention, and pulsus paradoxus—must be recognized early for[]

  • Shock

    Cardiac tamponade is suggested by jugular venous distention, muffled heart sounds, and a paradoxical pulse.[] But after the delivery of the placenta, the patient developed an episode of coughing and dyspnea followed by unconsciousness and bradycardia.[] A 26-year-old Chinese man presented with dizziness, pruritus, dyspnea, hypotension, and tachycardia after eating cooked salted jellyfish.[]

  • Cardiac Tamponade

    venous distention were infrequent.[] These patients often develop frequent ascites and present with clinical signs and symptoms similar to cardiac tamponade (tachycardia, hypotension and dyspnea).[] We report a case of eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis in a 50-year-old Caucasian woman who presented with chest pain, dyspnea at rest, fever, and periorbital swelling[]

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