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58 Possible Causes for Ear Deformity, Folded Helix, Hearing Problem

  • Down Syndrome

    They may have hearing problems and problems with the intestines, eyes, thyroid, and skeleton.[] Children with Down syndrome have a higher incidence of infection, respiratory, vision and hearing problems as well as thyroid and other medical conditions.[] This causes intestinal problems when they eat gluten, a protein in wheat. Hearing problems. Up to 75% of children with Down syndrome have problems with their hearing.[]

  • Microtia

    […] or crus of the anthelix that extends from the superior portion of the anthelix to the upper posterior aspect of the corner of the helix.[] problems.[] Microtia and Other Ear Deformities Congenital ear deformities occur in many different syndromes or alone.[]

  • Cleft Palate

    Clinically observed mutations to the PHF8 gene cluster in exons encoding for the double stranded β-helix fold and will therefore disrupt catalytic activity.[] Hearing problems in early life may also later lead to difficulty in articulation.[] […] center provides comprehensive care for children and treats conditions such as: Cleft lip and palate Nasal speech caused by Velopharyngeal insufficiency Genetic syndromes Ear[]

  • Ear Deformity

    In the mild form, the helix alone is involved. It can be only a slightly broad rim, but more commonly the helix is flattened or folded along the upper edge.[] Abstract The common characteristics of the crumpled-ear deformity, the steps for surgical correction, and the authors' experience are described in this article.[] Further treatment to address hearing problems or the development of the middle or inner ear may be required.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    […] alpha helixes around them.[] Hearing problems. Swollen and stiff joints. Abdominal hernias. Hepatosplenomegaly.[] […] infection, hearing difficulties Frequent upper respiratory infections Stunted growth Multiple skeletal deformities; degenerative joints causing joint stiffness Spinal cord[]

  • Protuberant Ears

    […] rotation, prominent helix, and protruding earlobe.[] Although protruding ears don’t cause any functional problems such as hearing loss, children are often teased by their peers.[] Case reports Case 1: constricted ear A male child was born at full term with bilateral constricted ears. No family history of ear deformity existed.[]

  • Anotia

    […] is the folded over outside edge of the ear Intertragal notch is the space between the tragus and antitragus Lobe (lobule) may be attached or free, based on genetics Scapha[] If your child has a hearing problem related to microtia, she/he will be followed by an audiologist (hearing specialist) and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat expert[] To remedy any potential hearing or other problems as quickly as possible, it is vital to see a pediatric ENT with experience in these congenital anomalies as soon as is feasible[]

  • Cleft Lip

    Clinically observed mutations to the PHF8 gene cluster in exons encoding for the double stranded beta-helix fold and will therefore disrupt catalytic activity.[] problems and consider treatment options for hearing problems An oral surgeon to reposition segments of the upper jaw when needed, to improve function and appearance and to[] Chin deformities Distraction osteogenesis Malocclusion Pre-prosthetic surgery Trauma to the jaws Upper and/or lower jaw deformities Ear deformities Goldenhar syndrome Hemifacial[]

  • Stickler Syndrome Type 3

    Salient clinical features include the following: Crumpled ears, with a folded upper helix Arachnodactyly Congenital contractures of small and large joints Progressive kyphoscoliosis[] Hearing problems are associated with sensorineural or conductive.[] Eye and ear pathologies with skeletal deformities are seen in this syndrome.[1,2] Case Report 32 year old female with second degree consanguineous marriage, G2 P1 L1 was registered[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    […] of the ear, incomplete folding of the ears Small, upturned nose Small jaw, crowding of the lower teeth Deeply grooved philtrum (top lip line), high arched palate Excess skin[] Children suspected of having Noonan syndrome should be screened for heart, vision, and hearing problems.[] Clinical features are short stature, low-set ears and many minor skeletal deformities of which the commonest are pectus excavatum and cubitus valgus.[]

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