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1,060 Possible Causes for Ear Fullness

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    A sore or scratchy throat, hoarse voice, ear fullness, headache and low-grade fever may also be present.[] SINUSITIS (SINUS INFECTION) Symptoms: Nasal congestion with thick drainage, upper tooth pain, facial pain or pressure, fever, fatigue, ear pressure or fullness.[] Furuncles of the external ear, similar to those in skin infection, can cause severe pain and a sense of fullness in the ear canal.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    The most common symptoms reported preoperatively were voice autophony (96%), breathing autophony (91%), and ear fullness (83%).[] But, patients with PET suffer from ear fullness, autophony, hearing their own breathing, and etc.[] The intra-tubal treatment of patulous tube by atropine, an anti-cholinergic, alleviated both the impaired tubal function and complaints such as ear fullness and autophonia[]

  • Sinusitis

    […] pressure or fullness Three or more episodes or symptoms that last for more than 90 days If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you could be a candidate for[] […] the following: Facial pain or pressure (especially unilateral) Hyposmia/anosmia Nasal congestion Nasal drainage Postnasal drip Fever Cough Fatigue Maxillary dental pain Ear[] […] dripping from the back of the nose into the throat Loss of sense of smell or taste Chronic Fatigue Bad taste or bad breath from post-nasal discharge Pain in the teeth or gums Ear[]

  • Otitis Media

    It might not cause symptoms, but in some kids, the fluid creates a sensation of ear fullness or "popping." Why Do Kids Get Ear Infections?[] A 49- year- old Saudi man presented with a progressive hearing loss and fullness in the left ear with the history of otitis media for which he had undergone myringotomy and[] So kids with an earache or a sense of fullness in the ear, especially when combined with fever, should be seen by their doctors if they aren't getting better after a couple[]

  • Meniere's Disease

    Two of the three patients initially complained only of recurrent bouts of vertigo, without any tinnitus, ear fullness or hearing impairment.[] Variable Seconds to Days Hearing Fluctuation, Ear Fullness, Tinnitus, Ear Pain Jaw Movement Vestibular Migraines Variable Hours to Days Headache, Ear Fullness, Hearing Fluctation[] Symptoms of Meniere's disease often fluctuate and include ringing, ear fullness, hearing loss , and poor equilibrium.[]

  • Sudden Hearing Loss

    It typically presents as a feeling of ear fullness.[] People with SSHL often experience dizziness, ear fullness, or a ringing in their ears (tinnitus. Any or all of these symptoms may occur together.[] They will inspect the ear canals and ear drums. If necessary, the ears will be cleaned to gain full view of the ear drums.[]

  • Eustachian Tube Obstruction

    A combination like ‘hearing loss’ or and ‘ear fullness’ or and ‘dizziness (vertigo) or and ‘tinnitus’ or and ‘headache (migraine)’ due to ETO, is regarded as consisting of[] If the Eustachian tube function worsens, air pressure in the middle ear falls, and the ear feels full and sounds are perceived as muffled.[] As Eustachian tube function worsens, air pressure in the middle ear falls, and the ear feels full and sounds are perceived as muffled.[]

  • Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

    My lungs were clear and ear felt full. The feeling was similar to when you fly on an airplane with constant ear popping.[] Common presenting signs and symptoms include: Painless neck mass Nasal congestion Epistaxis Unilateral hearing loss Unilateral ear pressure/fullness Headache Evaluation: Because[] Other symptoms of NPC include: A lump in the neck caused by a swollen lymph node A sensation of fullness or pressure in the ear Popping noises, hearing loss, and ear infection[]

  • Foreign Body in the Ear

    Noise or “drumming” in ear associated with insect foreign body Hearing loss Sensation of ear fullness Unilateral otorrhea Bleeding Self-reported by patient or parent Physical[] fullness.[] She denied pain or fullness in her ears during the visit.[]

  • Impacted Cerumen

    DO seek medical evaluation if you have symptoms of hearing loss, ear fullness, and ear pain if you are not certain that they are from cerumen.[] Trouble hearing Dizziness Ear fullness or a feeling that something is plugging up your ear Itchiness or pain in the ears Ringing in the ears How is cerumen impaction diagnosed[] Impacted cerumen can cause earaches, temporary hearing loss, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), coughing, or a feeling that the ear is full or plugged.[]

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