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263 Possible Causes for Ear Fullness, Hoarseness

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Additional to the secondary infection can be laryngitis (hoarseness/”frog in the throat”) , traccheitis, (irritation of trachea) , acute bronchitis, sinusitis, and even the[] A sore or scratchy throat, hoarse voice, ear fullness, headache and low-grade fever may also be present.[] If you develop laryngitis, however, you may lose your voice or become hoarse.[]

  • Allergic Rhinitis

    Itching of the eyes with redness and watering, headache, intermittent ear plugging, chronic cough, wheezing, intermittent hoarseness, sore throat, and fatigue can also be[] Aural symptoms: ear pain, pressure or feeling of fullness No studies reported aural symptoms of ear pain, pressure or feeling of fullness. 2.8. Endoscopic score (e.g.[] "A mild sore throat may accompany an allergy, but with a cold you could lose your voice and have hoarseness.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    For the full list of side effects of Deltyba, see the package leaflet . Deltyba must not be used in patients who have low levels of albumin (a blood protein).[] […] be suspected in any patient with symptoms including coughing for more than 3 weeks, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, bloody sputum or hemoptysis, hoarseness[] Many had dry coughs without expectoration, and accompanied with hoarseness of voice.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    C507 Ear_fungus_1 C562 Eustachian_tube_inflammation (also use General_Antiseptic) C746 Hoarseness C763 Hyperosmia (overacute smell and taste) C907 Laryngeal_polyp C908 Larynx[] The most common symptoms reported preoperatively were voice autophony (96%), breathing autophony (91%), and ear fullness (83%).[] The intra-tubal treatment of patulous tube by atropine, an anti-cholinergic, alleviated both the impaired tubal function and complaints such as ear fullness and autophonia[]

  • Sinusitis

    Our group's expertise also covers voice and swallowing disorders (hoarseness, acid reflux, swallowing difficulty), hearing and equilibrium disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus[] […] pressure or fullness Three or more episodes or symptoms that last for more than 90 days If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you could be a candidate for[] Patients have a sore throat and very hoarse voice that lasts a week in many cases. Dr.[]

  • Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

    fullness Vision changes The goal of treatment is to relieve the blockage.[] Classic symptoms include edema, plethora, and distended veins of the face, neck, and chest; shortness of breath; cough; headache; and hoarseness.[] Severe cases present with hoarseness, laryngeal edema and neurological deficits.[]

  • Vocal Cord Paralysis

    [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[] Voice problems occur with a change in the voice, often described as hoarseness, roughness, or a raspy quality.[] Full-night polysomnography revealed that her apnea-hypopnea index was 72/h and minimal oxygen saturation level was 81%. There was no REM and deep sleep periods.[]

  • Vocal Cord Nodule

    Along with an MLB, a speech and language therapist and an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist doctor will carry out a full voice examination.[] Airway emergencies and hoarseness Hoarseness may be a feature of laryngeal obstruction - so can be a warning of impending airway obstruction.[] The cardinal symptoms are usually a more or less pronounced hoarseness, limitations in voice projection accompanied by fast vocal fatigue.[]

  • Otitis Externa

    Symptoms include fullness, itching, swelling and marked discomfort in the ear and ear drainage[] Examination of the larynx with mirror or fiberoptic scope is the primary method for evaluating patients with hoarseness.[] […] patients in whom an alternative diagnosis is suspected. 5 Don’t obtain computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with a primary complaint of hoarseness[]

  • Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid

    […] benign mucous membrane pemphigoid affecting the oral mucosa, pharynx, oesophagus and larynx, leading to cicatricial lesions in the pharynx and larynx, causing dysphagia, hoarseness[] Long term, the scarring in the nose and larynx can create problems with crusting and a hoarse voice.[] Despite treatment, the patient developed pansinusitis and laryngitis and presented to the ENT department at our institution with severe hoarseness and dyspnea on exertion.[]

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