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171 Possible Causes for Earlier Onset May Occur, Weight Loss

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    In T2DM, greater degrees of weight loss lead to progressive improvements in glucose homeostasis.[] The increased risk or earlier onset of age-related cataracts in diabetic patients may be a result of the accumulation of sorbitol within the lens and accompanying changes[] Pedersen, E, Jesudason, DR & Clifton, PM ( 2014 ) High protein weight loss diets in obese subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus.[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Practical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of weight loss in Alzheimer's disease are lacking.[] […] career, as the demands and events that occur soon after caregiving onset may precipitate early institutionalization or other outcomes.[] Their symptoms often include: inability to communicate weight loss seizures skin infections difficulty swallowing groaning, moaning, or grunting increased sleeping lack of[]

  • Severe Depressive Episode

    […] of interest in normal activities like sex Sleep disturbances such as insomnia or excessive sleeping Tiredness and lack of energy Changes in appetite (usually weight loss[] The first episode may occur at any age from childhood to old age, the onset may be either acute or insidious, and the duration varies from a few weeks to many months.[] loss or weight gain increased or decreased sleep decreased mental and physical activity, or increase in such activity as demonstrated by excessive worrying and agitated behavior[]

  • Bipolar Disorder

    Although the data on weight loss were not analysed formally, weight loss was marked in the topiramate treated group.[] Identifying Predominant Polarity May Be Key to Tailoring Bipolar Disorder Treatment In patients with bipolar disorder and no predominant polarity, the onset of illness occurred[] Weight loss was reported in each of the treatment groups.[]

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Anorexia nervosa is a medical and psychological disorder classically seen in young women who present with significant weight loss, a distorted body image, and an intense fear[] Most individuals with the disorder develop it in late adolescence or early adulthood, though onset may occur earlier or later.[] Further research is required to determine how best to select patients for weight loss surgery.[]

  • Hypogonadism

    Age was not a predictor of weight loss.[] There is evidence that it may occur up to 1 year earlier in obese girls and in African American girls.[] Hormonal, lipid, glycemic profiles and body composition were determined at baseline and after a 10% weight loss.[]

  • Ewing's Sarcoma

    loss and loss of appetite, breathlessness.[] It may affect individuals of any age, but most often occurs in individuals between 10 and 20 years of age.[] Signs and symptoms, such as pain and swelling or unexplained fever and weight loss, should be checked out by a doctor immediately.[]

  • Leigh's Disease

    In 45 out of the 52 cases reported, weight loss, weak- ness and some degree of psychomotor retardation were prominent features, either alone or in combination.[] In a minority of patients with single deletions, the onset of disease is much earlier and may even occur in infancy or the newborn period.[] LEMS patients with or without cancer may also undergo significant weight loss. The tendon reflexes are diminished or absent on examination.[]

  • Idiopathic Neutropenia

    However, among those most often reported are bone pain, weight loss, fatigue, dyspnea, and anemia.[] Occasionally, symptom onset occurs much earlier or during the following years of life. Incidence rates don't differ between boys and girls.[] As per definition, mild, moderate and severe neutropenia may be distinguished and correspond to neutrophil counts below 1,500, 1,000, and 500 per µl, respectively.[]

  • Hypomania

    One of these is either significant weight gain or weight loss when not dieting.[] The first episode may occur at any age from childhood to old age, the onset may be either acute or insidious, and the duration varies from a few weeks to many months.[] There may be weight loss, reduced appetite, altered sleep pattern with early morning wakening and loss of libido.[]

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