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61 Possible Causes for Early Onset Puberty, Hyperhidrosis, Increased Sweating

  • Gout

    Anointings and rubbings and p417 sweatings are necessary.[] In men, uric acid levels rise at puberty, and the peak age of onset of gout in men is in the fourth to sixth decade of life.[] Rest increases this complaint, and so there is need for exercise and work; nevertheless, care must be taken lest if carried too far fever be excited.[]

  • Obesity

    The administration of leptin permitted progression of appropriately timed pubertal development in the single child of appropriate age and did not cause the early onset of[] puberty in the younger children ( 11 ).[]

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    […] areas of friction between body folds, relative androgen excess, and irritation from sweat retention. 3,5 In addition to obesity, HS patients have a higher prevalence of metabolic[] Although the age at onset may vary, symptoms often become apparent during puberty or early adulthood.[] Lawrence, Axillary hyperhidrosis: eccrine or apocrine?, Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, 28, 1, (2-7), (2003).[]

  • Menopause

    If taken any way other than by tablet, there is also no increased risk of heart attacks or strokes For sweats and flushes Lifestyle changes with increased aerobic exercise[] Premature (early onset) menopause is when periods stop before the age of 40 years. Why does menopause occur?[] Also known as “sleep hyperhidrosis”, night sweats aren't actually a sleep disorder, but a common perspiration disorder that occurs during sleep in menopausal women.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Increased or decreased sweating. Nerve damage can disrupt how your sweat glands work and make it difficult for your body to control its temperature properly.[] Type 1 DM usually starts in children aged 4 years or older, appearing fairly abruptly, with the peak incidence of onset at age 11-13 years (ie, in early adolescence and puberty[] Skin is cold and clammy, there is profuse sweating, increased pulse rate, shallow respiration, considerably low glucose level, ketones and pH are normal and the onset is rapid[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Pachydermoperiostosis 

    The presentation at a community clinic with a gradual onset of increased size of hands and feet, facial coarsening, increased sweating and seborrhea led to a referral to a[] The onset of PHO is usually before the age of 20, but its biphasic incidence is now attributed to the genetic heterogeneity, with onset of symptoms in early childhood for[] Elevated prostaglandin levels in affected individuals with cytokine-mediated tissue remodelling and vascular stimulation may underlie PHO and associated features as hyperhidrosis[]

  • Fabry Disease

    The number and size of these lesions progressively increase with age.[] Often patients have slight builds with characteristic coarse facial features and delayed puberty.[] […] extremities (acroparesthesias) vascular cutaneous lesions (angiokeratomas), typically in the bathing-suit area sweating abnormalities (anhidrosis, hypohidrosis, and rarely hyperhidrosis[]

  • Pachyonychia Congenita

    She denied itching, paronychial infections, increased sweating, cutaneous blisters, natal teeth, or ocular symptoms.[] Early onset has been reported [ Feng et al 2003 ] and is recorded in the International Pachyonychia Congenita Research Registry (IPCRR).[] She had a scrotal tongue with leucokeratotic areas, blister formation, plantar hyperkeratosis, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis and dental cavities since childhood.[]

  • Jadassohn-Lewandowsky Syndrome

    […] pachyonychia [ pak″e-o-nik e-ah ] abnormal thickening of the nails. pachyonychia conge nita a congenital autosomal dominant syndrome primarily affecting males, characterized by increased[] Early onset has been reported [ Feng et al 2003 ] and is recorded in the International Pachyonychia Congenita Research Registry (IPCRR).[] Patient also had palmoplantar keratoderma associated with pain with hyperhidrosis of palms and soles.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Sweat does not cause acne. There is, though, an increased buildup of bacteria after exercise, so it is advisable to shower.[] onset of acne, at the age of 8 or 9, in line with epidemiological data, suggesting earlier start of puberty. 25 Table 3 shows an increase in the prevalence of inflammatory[] Hyperhidrosis Excessive underarm sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be an embarrassing condition that affects patients in both social and professional settings.[]

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