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21 Possible Causes for Early Repolarization, Non Specific ST-T Changes, Tachypnea

  • Cocaine Abuse

    Adverse reactions reported include tachycardia, hypertension, tachypnea, chest pain, hallucinations, racing thoughts, and seizures.[]

  • Suppurative Pericarditis

    Presentation of ECG criteria for differentiating early repolarization from pericarditis. Spodick DH.[] The physical examination revealed hypotension (blood pressure, 90/60 mmHg) and tachypnea (26 breaths/min).[] ST-T changes in association with pericardial effusion Renal failure associated with severe kidney infection Autoimmune disease Medication When You Suffer Pericarditis During[]

  • Acute Pericarditis

    Most children presented with chest pain, fever, and tachypnea, but cardiac tamponade was not seen in any children.[] ECG changes of both acute myocardial infarction and early repolarization can appear similar to ECG changes of acute pericarditis.[] The most common physical examination finding was tachycardia (65 percent) followed by tachypnea (46.7 percent).[]

  • Pericarditis

    Tetracyclines Postpericardiotomy syndrome: usually after CABG surgery Clinical features Chest pain, usually precordial or retrosternal Low grade intermittent fever Dyspnea / tachypnea[] ECG: non-specific ST/T changes. Echocardiogram: mild pericardial effusion. Elevation of WBC count and CRP.[] repolarization is present, meaning the T wave in early repolarization is usually 4 times the amplitude of the ST segment elevation.[]

  • Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia

    Palpitations Light-headedness Syncope Chest pain Anxiety Physical examination During VT, the following may be observed: Hypotension Tachypnea Signs of diminished perfusion[] However, non-specific clinical features not infrequently consist of myocarditis or myocardial infarction like-picture with chest pain, dynamic ST-T wave changes on basal 12[] An additional analysis of early repolarization in additional 359 patients with ISFC/ESC diagnostic criteria of ARVD/C revealed a frequency within the threshold in healthy[]

  • Pericardial Effusion

    We report a rare case of complicated pericardial effusion due to E. meningoseptica in a 2-year-old boy, who was admitted with chief complaints of fever and tachypnea (mentioned[] repolarization (ER) and early repolarization of left ventricular hypertrophy (ERLVH), according to a recent study.[] […] pain or discomfort with a characteristic of being relieved by sitting up or leaning forward and worsened in the supine position\ Syncope Palpitations Shortness of breath, tachypnea[]

  • Hyperkalemia

    Examination findings in patients with hyperkalemia include the following: Vital signs usually normal, except occasionally in bradycardia due to heart block or tachypnea due[] The early repolarization phase: this starts with the slightly ve TMP and the brief opening of some potassium channels resulting in its flow to the outside of the cell, returning[]

  • Accidental Hypothermia

    They may represent abnormal ion flux in cold temperatures along with delayed depolarization and early repolarization of the left ventricular wall.[] In mild hypothermia, patients present with shivering, ataxia, cyanosis, dysarthria, tachycardia, and tachypnea.[] Patients initially have tachypnea, followed by progressive hypoventilation and apnea. Adventitious breath sounds may be heard. Bronchorrhea may be present.[]

  • Toxic Myocarditis

    Physical findings: Pulmonary congestion: tachypnea, grunting, nasal flaring, rales Low cardiac output: tachycardia, poor perfusion, hypotension Muffled heart sounds Hepatomegaly[] The most common abnormality seen in myocarditis is sinus tachycardia with non-specific ST segment and T wave changes.[] repolarization pattern (syndrome) T-waves in myocardial ischemia / infarction[]

  • Viral Myocarditis

    A 17-year-old man was admitted to the department with fever, chest tightness, and tachypnea that had been present for 2 days.[] If they are straight, or convex upward (like a tombstone), this is not early repolarization. Early repolarization should not be associated with any reciprocal change.[] ABSTRACT: Children with acute myocarditis often present with dyspnea at rest, exercise intolerance, syncope, tachypnea, tachycardia, and hepatomegaly.[]

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