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50 Possible Causes for Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises, Elbow Mobility Decreased

  • Costello Syndrome

    Delineate prenatal features of Costello syndrome (caused by HRAS mutations), which consists of mental retardation, facial, cardiovascular, skin, and musculoskeletal anomalies, and tumor predisposition. Literature and new cases classified as Group I (pre-HRAS), Group II (HRAS confirmed), and Group III (HRAS confirmed in[…][]

  • Oculootoradial Syndrome

    […] movement Decreased elbow mobility Limited elbow mobility Restricted elbow motion [ more ] 0002996 Limited interphalangeal movement Limited movement of hinge joints 0006064[] […] ophthalmoplegia Paralysis or weakness of muscles within or surrounding outer part of eye 0000544 Hypoplasia of deltoid muscle 0030241 Intestinal malrotation 0002566 Limited elbow[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Tendinitis

    mobility. [3] 4 Distinguish tendinitis from other injuries.[] Tendinitis can occur on parts of your body that often have other injuries, such as the knee or elbow.[] Some points may be more tender than others depending on the exact location of the tendinitis. [3] You may have a limited range of motion in the affected area, including a decreased[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Ligament Tear

    Modalities that can include the use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice, cold and laser to decrease pain, improve mobility and reduce inflammation of the elbow joint[] Formal therapy and compliance with an extensive home program is the mainstay to restoring function of the elbow.[] mobility of the joint and connective tissues Decreased circulation Loss of active and passive motion Goals for physical therapy post surgery immobilization are optimal loading[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

    Risk factors associated with the development of heterotopic ossification after TBI are a posttraumatic coma lasting longer than 2 weeks, limb spasticity, and decreased mobility[] In decreasing order of frequency, heterotopic ossification occurs in the hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, hands, and spine.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Elbow Fracture

    […] fracture include: Decreased elbow mobility Refusal to use arm Immediate onset of pain Deformity Swelling Diagnosis & Tests A broken elbow will be diagnosed by taking X-rays[] An elbow fracture can be a painful injury. It can lead to decreased mobility in your arm, shoulder or wrist.[] The elbow hyper extends, and the distal part of the humerus (the bone between the elbow and shoulder) above the elbow joint fracture.Symptoms & Types Symptoms of an elbow[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Skin Ulcer

    Also known as bedsores, pressure ulcers are a common problem for palliative care patients as mobility decreases and patients spend more time in bed.[] There are several risk factors for pressure ulcers, the skin sores that typically develop over bony areas, such as the lower spine, hips, and elbows.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    […] chest wall mobility.[] […] flexion, wrist flexion or extension, and finger joints; and deformity of the vertebral column and chest wall including scoliosis, excessive kyphosis or lordosis, and decreased[] […] finger flexors and extensors, lumbricals, and cervical extensors; isolated joint contracture into hip and knee flexion and plantar flexion, varus at hindfoot and forefoot, elbow[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

    […] of the elbow, thoracic spine and rib thrust manipulations, and ulnar nerve sliding/tension techniques for six sessions were associated with improvements of decreased elbow[] Control group protocol (Level of Evidence 1B) [2] - The control group only received education According to a case report by Coppieters and colleagues, joint mobilizations[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises
  • Olecranon Bursitis

    , numbness in the hand, decreasing of joint mobility on elbow-hand-wrist and shoulder pain in the right upper extremity when he applied to our clinic.[] Stiffness and decreased mobility are due to spasms in tendons and ligaments that have contracted reflexively beyond their normal range from the impact of the injury.[] Patient was reported diameter increment on right elbow (about 2 cm to the wrist, and 5 cm on hand level), redness, decreasing in pilosity, increasing of temperature, allodini[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys with Thick-Walled Pelvises

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