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80 Possible Causes for Eczema, Foul Smelling Urine

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  • Food Intolerance

    There was no significant difference in infant eczema (eight studies, 2558 infants, typical RR 0.84, 95% CI 0.68, 1.04), childhood eczema incidence (two studies, 950 infants[] Parents frequently associate FI with eczema, hives, chronic diarrhoea and hyperactivity.[] No significant difference was reported in one study in infant asthma (RR 1.10, 95% CI 0.86, 1.40), infant eczema (RR 1.20, 95% CI 0.95, 1.52), childhood eczema prevalence[]

  • Homocystinuria

    Cutaneous signs of homocystinuria include: Hypopigmentation due to inhibition of tyrosinase Fair and thin hair Thin, translucent skin Hyperhidrosis Dry skin with tendency to eczema[] […] oxidase SUOX (12q13)* Biochemical profile: Elevated urine sulfite, thiosulfate, and S-sulfocysteine; decreased sulfate Clinical features: Developmental delay, ectopia lentis, eczema[]

  • Azathioprine

    Trouble urinating: pain, burning, constant urge, or frequent urination. Bloody, cloudy, or foul-smelling urine, or black, tarry stools.[] Eczema Provider Finder Coalition United for Better Eczema Care (CUBE-C) Booklet Order Form DONATE Featured Eczema Warriors Living Well 6 holiday gift ideas for the Eczema[] Azathioprine is frequently used in severe eczema.[]

  • Heart Transplantation

    : pain or burning, constant urge or frequent urination Bloody, cloudy, or foul-smelling urine If you have any of these symptoms of rejection or infection, notify your doctor[] , a drug widely used topically to treat eczema.[] : pain or burning, constant urge or frequent urination Bloody, cloudy or foul-smelling urine If you have any of these symptoms of organ rejection or infection, notify your[]

  • Multiple Carboxylase Deficiency

    smelling urine, lactic acidosis , and high levels of ketones and ammonia in the blood.[] Eczema, alopecia, dermatitis, and skin infections are also common findings, and cutaneous presentations in conjunction with neurological symptoms greatly limit the differential[] Untreated patients with profound biotinidase deficiency can have hypotonia, seizures, alopecia, eczema, and developmental delay.[]

  • Pelvic Pain in Women

    Mostly caused due to bacteria, UTI is characterised by frequent urination, pain or burning sensation while urinating, changes in the urine colour and consistency, foul smell[] These women also are more likely to have asthma, allergies, and the skin condition eczema.[] […] of urine and lower back pain.[]

  • Topiramate

    […] breathing inability to respond to things around you excessive tiredness diarrhea nausea vomiting stomach pain loss of appetite intense back or side pain bloody, cloudy, or foul-smelling[] […] hyperammonemia, metabolic acidosis, hypoglycemia Musculoskeletal: myalgia, back pain, leg pain Respiratory: pneumonia Skin: rash, skin disorder, alopecia, dermatitis, hypertrichosis, eczema[] System Disorders Pneumonia 1 5 Respiratory disorder 0 1 Skin and Appendages Disorders Skin Disorder 2 3 Alopecia 1 2 Dermatitis 0 2 Hypertrichosis 1 2 Rash erythematous 0 2 Eczema[]

  • Monocytopenia with Susceptibility to Infections

    Some examples of body changes that you should be alert to can include a rise in body temperature or change in blood sugars; foul-smelling vaginal discharge; pain with urination[] WISKOTT-ALDRICH SYNDROME; WAS Is also known as wiskott-aldrich syndrome 1;was1, aldrich syndrome, eczema-thrombocytopenia-immunodeficiency syndrome, immunodeficiency 2;imd2[] , or cloudy, bloody or foul-smelling urine; difficulty or painful swallowing; changes in bowel habits; and warmth or redness at any cut or scrape, including minor trauma locations[]

  • Blue Diaper Syndrome

    Musty smelling urine is often the result of liver disease or liver failure. Foul smelling urine is usually associated with the presence of a urinary tract infection.[] Diagnostic Considerations Regarding rash, consider the following: Infantile atopic eczema Seborrheic eczema Nutritional pellagra (Misdiagnosis can be prevented by performing[] Bloating Cramping Gas Diarrhea Constipation Headaches Itching and rashes Acne Eczema Depression and low serum tryptophan concentrations Carbohydrate cravings Colic in babies[]

  • Sexual Dysfunction

    Symptoms of PID include lower abdominal pain, fever, painful intercourse, painful urination, foul smelling vaginal discharge, irregular menstrual bleeding, and pain in the[] Eczema Treatment with Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil vs. Vaseline Natural topical remedies for eczema are put to the test, including licorice root gel, St.[]

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