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384 Possible Causes for Edema, Elephantiasis

  • Filariasis

    The manifestations include edema in the extremities and elephantiasis due to lymphatic obstruction.[] The disease is commonly called “elephantiasis” because of the elephant-like appearance of swollen limbs in those most severely affected.[] Lymphedema is the edema that results from chronic lymphatic insufficiency.[]

  • Elephantiasis

    There were no crucial findings to account for chronic edema in the lower limbs.[] Some conditions that have this symptom include: Elephantiasis nostras , due to longstanding chronic lymphangitis Elephantiasis tropica or lymphatic filariasis, caused by a[] Localized lymphedema should be considered in the etiology of skin tumors when assessing a polyp, plaque, swelling or mass showing dermal edema, fibrosis and dilated lymphatics[]

  • Yellow Nail Syndrome

    Yellow nail syndrome is a rare cause of edema due to a disordered lymphatic drainage.[] […] relationship was questioned by two doctors in Nigeria in 1978: “If lymphatic abnormality is concerned in the pathogenesis of the ungual condition, then patients with chronic elephantiasis[] A 70-year-old woman with yellow nail syndrome and right-sided pleural effusion, lower extremity edema, and hypoalbuminemia was followed for 18 months.[]

  • Lipedema

    1940. 1 Confusion and uncertainty, both manifested in an extensive article by Lyon 2 in 1910, are demonstrated by the use of such terms as "oedeme hystérique" and "pseudo-edema[] Abstract Lipedema never reveals clinical picture of extreme lymphedema-elephantiasis, and skin signs and complications have not been observed.[] Lipedema arises from an orthostatic predisposition to edema in pathologically increased subcutaneous tissue.[]

  • Erysipelas

    The occurrence of erysipelas is usually associated with lymphatic edema or venous incontinence.[] Elephantiasis of the scrotum is the terminal stage of persistent refractory lymphedema.[] Recurrent erysipelas may occur in around 20% of the patients with potentially disabling disfigurements (e.g. elephantiasis nostras verrucosa).[]

  • Cellulitis

    EC presents clinically as edema and eosinophilia. Therefore, in many cases, patients make an outpatient visit to the internal medicine department.[] Cellulitis is also seen in patients with chronic lymphedema resulting from elephantiasis, Milroy’s disease or lymph node dissection such as that associated with mastectomy[] The working diagnosis was cellulitis superimposed on elephantiasis that led to a state of septic shock.[]

  • Hereditary Lymphedema

    Fetal edema can present as limited subcutaneous edema, fluid accumulation in body cavities or hydrops fetalis.[] Overview MeSH Major Elephantiasis Foot Lymphedema abstract Elephantiasis nostras verrucosa (ENV) is a rare cutaneous sequela of chronic lymphedema.[] The atypical presentations included pre-natal pleural effusion, spontaneous resorption of lymphedema and elephantiasis.[]

  • Chylous Ascites

    Physical examination revealed S4, bilateral pretibial edema, and moderate amount of ascites.[] Chronic stage of Bancroftian filariasis is characterized by lymphadenopathy, lymphedema, hydrocele, and elephantiasis.[] An abdominal CT performed on the third day after surgery showed an improvement in intestinal edema, and primary volvulus of the small intestine associated with chylous ascites[]

  • Secondary Amyloidosis

    A case of a 71 year old woman who experienced weight loss, diarrhea and edema due to protein-losing enteropathy caused by amyloidosis secondary to rheumatoid arthritis is[] (F) Tunica albuminea in the context of elephantiasis of scrotum, (H&E staining, x100).[] The most common clinical and laboratory characteristics at the time of the diagnosis were edema, proteinuria and impaired renal function.[]

  • Chromoblastomycosis

    At 1 month of follow-up, the verrucosity of lesions had disappeared, edema reduced, and the nodular lesions had subsided.[] Usual complications include secondary infection, lymphedema and elephantiasis. Associated malignancies have been found in chronic cases.[] Lymphadenopathy and elephantiasis can occur in severe cases [ 3 ].[]

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