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85 Possible Causes for Edema, Foul Smelling Stool, Influenza

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    The Lund-Kennedy staging 44 of 14 patients with nasal polyps is shown on Chart 1 (mucosal edema, nasal discharge, and presence and size of polyps, bilaterally.[] All randomised and quasi-randomised trials (published or unpublished) comparing any influenza vaccine with a placebo or with another type of influenza vaccine.[] […] become clearer in recent years that celiac disease is a clinical picture "characterized by arrest of growth, a distended abdomen, and attacks of diarrhoea with large, pale, foul-smelling[]

  • Celiac Disease

    Low protein levels in the blood can lead to fluid retention and tissue swelling (edema).[] Therefore, you may need to have several vaccinations, including: flu (influenza) jab HIB/MenC vaccine, which protects against sepsis (blood poisoning), pneumonia (an infection[] […] that are foul smelling, oily, or stick to the toilet when flushed Unexplained weight loss (although people can be overweight or normal weight) Other problems that can develop[]

  • Anemia

    Overperfusion with resultant disruption of the blood-brain barrier results in vasogenic edema, but not infarction.[] Dental Health Respiratory and Allergies Allergies and Hay Fever Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Infectious/Immune AIDS and HIV Viral Hepatitis Infectious Disease Influenza[] […] color, including black and tarry stools (sticky and foul smelling), maroon-colored, or visibly bloody stools if the anemia is due to blood loss through the gastrointestinal[]

  • Obesity

    , which may be partly a consequence of elevated ventricular filling pressure, despite elevation in cardiac output. 49,50 However in patients with circadian venous edemas,[] McCullers and Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Impaired Wound Healing Predisposes Obese Mice to Severe Influenza Virus Infection, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 205, 2, (252),[] […] supplementation should be administered parenterally, except for Ca PPI/H2 blockers for the entire first postoperative year In case of excessive bloating, flatulence and/or foul-smelling[]

  • Croup

    Postobstructive pulmonary edema is life-threatening, and results from a sudden episode of upper airway obstruction.[] KEYWORDS: influenza; radiology[] […] d/t biliary duct obstruction, leading to biliary cirrhosis and ultimately portal hypertension GI clinical manifestations (book) • Large, bulky, loose, frothy, extremely foul-smelling[]

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Instead of AEF, massive erosion and edema were found in the esophagus, highlighting the potentially complex pathology of foreign body ingestion.[] Generalized Anxiety or Panic Disorder Glaucoma Goiter Head Trauma Health Literacy Hearing Impairment Heart Failure Hepatomegaly Hypertension Hypovolemia, Adult Hypovolemia, Child Influenza[] It generally presents as mental state changes and is usually caused by intracranial hematoma, brain edema, or swelling.[]

  • Cardiac Cirrhosis

    Edema Edema typically occurs in the lower extremities and dependent regions, which may progress to anasarca in cases of advanced and untreated heart failure.[] […] restriction in patients with edema and/or hyponatremia Weight loss and exercise Cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption Immunization : pneumococcal vaccine and seasonal influenza[] D: Frothy, foul-smelling stools indicate steatorrhea, caused by impaired fat digestion. 2.[]

  • Giardiasis

    School of Medicine, Kitasato, Sagamihara, Japan. Abstract An 88-year-old Japanese woman was referred to our hospital due to a one-month history of face edema[] For example, PHOL was the source for influenza data due to its timeliness, while iPHIS was the source for giardiasis because iPHIS data are more complete, with most of the[] Symptoms include explosive, watery, greasy, foul-smelling stools, bloating, nausea, pain, gas, fatigue, and loss of appetite.[]

  • Toddler's Diarrhea

    […] of atopy Failure to gain and grow History of eczema, reactive airway disease, urticaria, and allergic rhinitis Loss of protein in the gut may lead to hypoproteinemia and edema[] Call your doctor if your child's diarrhea doesn't improve after 24 hours or if your baby: The Flu (Influenza Virus) in Children Soothing Strep Throat in Children Baby and[] Congenital lymphangiectasia, a developmental disorder in which dilation and dysfunction of intestinal lymphatics occurs, often in association with limb edema (Milroy disease[]

  • Gastropathy

    A 45-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with edema of the face and lower extremities.[] The most common infective organism is Streptococcus, but S taphylococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, Escherichia coli and Proteus spp have also been implicated.[] Associated findings were hypertrophic gastric folds, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia, lymphadenopathy, edema, ascites and venous thrombosis.[]

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