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20 Possible Causes for Edema of the Penis, Eye Swelling

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    […] of the eyes (jaundice).People with cryptogenic cirrhosis may develop high blood pressure in the vein that supplies blood to the liver (portal hypertension).[] Jaundice (yellowing of your skin and eyes). Dark brown Red palms. Vomiting blood. Menstrual problems (in women).[] When signs and symptoms do occur, they may include: Fatigue Easily bleeding or bruising Loss of appetite Nausea Swelling in your legs, feet or ankles (edema) Weight loss Itchy[]

  • Paraphimosis

    As arterial inflow continues, lack of lymphatic drainage will cause a progressive edema of the penis distal to the retracted foreskin. As the foreskin continues ...[] He states that he fell asleep after sex the night before and woke up with swelling. Simple traction has failed to cure the problem (but has brought tears to his eyes).[] Very soon edema in and around this ring of the prepuce as well as edema of the glans penis develops.[]

  • Ascites

    It can be associated with oedema which is swelling in tissues in other areas of the body.[] Oedema is more likely to occur around the eyes and face and in the foot, ankles and leg. What causes ascites?[]

  • Anasarca

    Aside from that, there is an evident periorbital edema or swelling around the eyes especially in the morning. Anasarca Causes There are a number of causes for anasarca.[] If you have recently sprained or broken a bone or pulled a ligament, swelling would of course be normal in that instance and you will still want to keep an eye on it regardless[] The Dog _Ophthalmia lymphatica_ is a kind of anasarca of the tunica adnata; in this the vessels over the sclerotica, or white part of the eye, rise considerably above the[]

  • Gonorrhea

    Possible epididymitis: Unilateral epididymal tenderness and edema, with or without penile discharge or dysuria Penile edema without other overt inflammatory signs Urethral[] Symptoms include redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, and an eye discharge that is thick and contains pus.[] […] to the surface of the eyeball Eye swelling that is caused by the eye drops given at birth should go away on its own.[]

  • Phimosis

    ) of the foreskin or penis Diagnosis An accurate diagnosis can be made during a physical examination performed by a medical professional.[] Diagnosis The diagnosis of phimosis is obvious to the naked eye and confirmed by the inability of the examiner to retract the foreskin.[] Infection or inflammation of the penis seen in outpatients, and presenting as gross preputial edema in one patient after preputial plasty, was treated by bathing in aqueous[]

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    […] and penis.[] The patient had associated eyelid edema; scleritis; chemosis; subconjunctival hemorrhage at the left eye; swelling of the left region of the eyehole, of the base of the nasal[] Swelling and a yellow pigment of the skin (jaundice) may also occur. The National Cancer Institute has published a six-step description of the staging of this disorder.[]

  • Condyloma Acuminatum

    In addition to the conspicuous lower abdominal masses, he had smaller lesions on his penis.[] Some may be too small to be seen by the naked eye. About 1 in 100 sexually active people in the United States have genital warts.[] He had bilateral pitting edema to both thighs. The rest of the physical examination was unrevealing. Diagnostic tests.[]

  • Circinate Balanitis of Reiter's Disease

    Thick foul smelling purulent exudate is often produced from the glans penis and edema may follow if patients are not treated appropriately.[] Critical Essential Core Tested Community Questions (2) (M2.RH.4686) A 28-year-old man presents with one week of redness and discharge in his eyes, pain and swelling in his[] . penile lesions called balanitis circinata (circinate balanitis) can be found in males inflammation of the eyes in the form of conjunctivitis or uveitis 10.  Swelling[]

  • Idiopathic Scrotal Edema

    […] to the base of the penis.[] Macular edema is a swelling of the portion of the eye that perceives central, detailed vision (the macula).[] The erythema and swelling can also extend to the perineum, abdomen, or penis. Its diagnosis is primarily made by exclusion.[]

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