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42 Possible Causes for Edema of the Penis, Swelling of the Scrotum

  • Anasarca

    The normal scrotum is anatomically on the front side, while the edematous scrotum swells between the upper legs to the hind side.[] The scrotum is now an obstacle to movement from one place to another, thereby changing the patient’s normal posture and pattern There are quite a number of causes of anasarca[] Placing a rolled towel or sheet under the scrotum positions it more anteriorly (front side) in its proper normal position.[]

  • Priapism

    Case presentation 2 This is a 29-year-old man who suffered bruising and swelling to his scrotum and base of the penis after a motorcycle accident.[] Physical exam is notable for tachycardia with a normal rhythm and a tumesced diffusely tender penis without scrotal edema or surrounding erythema.[] , risk of abrasion , tissue drying and necrosis of penis. 1,2 The cause of priapism can be primary, secondary or idiopathic. 3 Priapism under spinal and epidural anaesthesia[]

  • Ascites

    A 59-year-old Portuguese Caucasian man with a history of heavy alcohol intake and no significant medical history presented with ascites, weight loss and general malaise. The ascitic fluid analysis showed 921 cells/mm3 with mononuclear predominance (93.6%), elevated total proteins and a slightly elevated serum-ascites[…][]

  • Penile Cellulitis

    In either instance, fluid accumulates rapidly in the closed space between Colles' and Buck's fascia, producing intense swelling of the scrotum.[] Penoscrotal edema reduced inconciderably, penis and scrotum remained erythematous. Most cases of erysipelas usually response to antibiotic therapy rapidly.[] Gross oedematous swelling and increased blood flow in the scrotum overlying both testes with extension into the groins.[]

  • Penile Herpes

    The blisters and sores may be on the glans (head) of the penis, the foreskin (which may swell up), the scrotum, the thighs, the buttocks or near the anus.[] Swelling in lymph nodes. Headache. Fever. Muscle aches. Pain in the genital areas. Sores can form on cervix, external genitals and vaginal areas in females.[] Sores formation occurs on the scrotum, penis, thighs and urethra in males. In the case of both male and females, Sores can form on the anus, mouth and buttocks.[]

  • Penile Fracture

    He rapidly developed swelling of his scrotum and significant pain in his penoscrotal region.[] Physical exam revealed significant edema of the penis and foreskin as well as the so-called ‘eggplant deformity’ commonly associated with penile fractures (Figure 1 a).[] […] of the erect penis (one patient).[]

  • Penile Chancroid

    In men, common locations include penis, including head, shaft, opening, or groove behind the penis, and scrotum. Swelling in the groin area is a sign of infection.[] […] on the penis and penile edema Figure 18-11 shows ectopic sebaceous glands on the shaft of the penis.[] Inspect the Penis and Scrotum In the examination of the penis and scrotum, note the following: Whether the patient is circumcised The size of the penis and scrotum Any lesions[]

  • Penile Gangrene

    There are swelling of the penis and scrotum, fever (38-39 C), malaise.[] During inspection – hyperemic painful penis, extensive edema and pigmentation in the injury area which were rapidly spreading. 4 Fig 2.[] […] of the penis and scrotum Fournier's Gangrene Diagnosis Physical examination and blood tests are used to diagnose Fournier's gangrene and the diagnosis is made when examination[]

  • Sarcoma of the Penis

    Note : most swellings and lumps in the scrotum are not due to cancer. There are various other causes.[] See the separate leaflet called Scrotal Lumps, Pain and Swelling for more information about the testicles (testes) and scrotum . What causes testicular cancer?[] However, you should always tell a doctor if you discover a swelling or lump in one of your testicles (testes). It needs checking out as soon as possible.[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    […] of the scrotum fever asymptomatic in 50% of patients in newborns symptoms of conjunctivitis beginning at 1-2 weeks eye discharge eyelid swelling symptoms of pneumonia beginning[] […] the penis and scrotum.[] This chronic condition due to fibrosis and lymphatic edema results in a penis deformity known as "saxophone penis”, which is different from the acute "bubonulus" here described[]

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