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28 Possible Causes for Edema of the Penis, Swelling of the Scrotum

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  • Ascites

    Refractory ascites (ie, ascites that cannot be mobilized despite sodium restriction and diuretic treatment) occurs in 10 per cent of patients with cirrhosis. It is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality with a one-year survival rate of less than 50 per cent. Few therapeutic options currently exist for[…][]

  • Anasarca

    BACKGROUND: Recent work showed that AN leads to a decrement of the potentials of QRS complexes. Although the mechanism has been thought to be extracardiac in origin, and due to a decrease of the electrical impedance of the volume conductor from water overload, more proof on this will be welcome. It is[…][]

  • Penile Cellulitis

    In either instance, fluid accumulates rapidly in the closed space between Colles' and Buck's fascia, producing intense swelling of the scrotum.[] The profound edema of the glans penis and the foreskin may make this task exceedingly difficult.[] Gross edematous swelling and increased blood flow in the scrotum overlying both testes with extension into the groins.[]

  • Orchitis and Epididymitis

    However, swelling in the scrotum and testicle may last for several weeks or months.[] - Edema - Blisters/bullae - Crepitus (SQ gas) - Fever - Tachycardia - Hypotension Tx for Fournier's Gangrene - Early & aggressive surgical debridement (Fatal otherwise) -[] This is pain and swelling of the scrotum (sac round balls). It is usually caused by an infection in the epididymis, testicle or tubes. What might I notice?[]

  • Penile Gangrene

    There are swelling of the penis and scrotum, fever (38-39 C), malaise.[] The bottle became stuck, “strangling” his penis and causing distal edema—a rapid accumulation of blood in his shaft that caused it to swell to twice its usual erect girth,[] […] of the penis and scrotum Fournier's Gangrene Diagnosis Physical examination and blood tests are used to diagnose Fournier's gangrene and the diagnosis is made when examination[]

  • Penile Fracture

    He rapidly developed swelling of his scrotum and significant pain in his penoscrotal region.[] Physical exam revealed significant edema of the penis and foreskin as well as the so-called ‘eggplant deformity’ commonly associated with penile fractures (Figure 1 a).[] […] of the erect penis (one patient).[]

  • Elephantiasis

    […] of a limb chyloderma , elephantiasis scroti swelling of the scrotum resulting from chronic lymphatic obstruction nevoid elephantiasis , pachyderma thickening of the skin[] […] and penis.[] In men, elephantiasis can also result in the swelling of the scrotum (hydrocele).[]

  • Priapism

    Case presentation 2 This is a 29-year-old man who suffered bruising and swelling to his scrotum and base of the penis after a motorcycle accident.[] Physical exam is notable for tachycardia with a normal rhythm and a tumesced diffusely tender penis without scrotal edema or surrounding erythema.[] […] scorpion bites, penile or spinal cord trauma Clinical Painful, prolonged erection with a tense, congested corpora cavernosa Prognosis Without decompression, interstitial edema[]

  • Penile Chancroid

    In men, common locations include penis, including head, shaft, opening, or groove behind the penis, and scrotum. Swelling in the groin area is a sign of infection.[] […] on the penis and penile edema Figure 18-11 shows ectopic sebaceous glands on the shaft of the penis.[] Inspect the Penis and Scrotum In the examination of the penis and scrotum, note the following: Whether the patient is circumcised The size of the penis and scrotum Any lesions[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema Type 3

    […] of the body, but face, GI tract, limbs, penis and scrotum are the most common.[] Angioedema of the tongue and pharynx can compromise the airway, as can edema of the larynx. In these patients, a tracheostomy may need to be placed.[] HAE patients do not have hives or itching, an important distinction that allows diagnostic separation from chronic urticaria and angioedema Swelling can occur in any region[]

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