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1,505 Possible Causes for Edema of the Tongue, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

    The patient appears to have SJS, and he also has a long list of medications. Which of the following recently started medications is most likely responsible for SJS?[] illness D Histopathologic findings do not clearly delineate between SJS/TEN and EMM 3.[] […] frequently occur without drug use B In cases of SJS related to drug use, the duration of medication use is generally unimportant C Patch tests are helpful during the period of acute[]

  • Dieffenbachia Poisoning

    . • Eugenol / Toxicity: When chewed, the juice from the leaves causes a painful edema of the oral mucous membrane, buccal ulcerations and tongue hypertrophy - severe enough[] Topical application of essential oil extracted from Caryophyllus aromaticus provides about 70% reduction of edema. ( 3 ) • Antiproliferative / Leaves: Study evaluated alcoholic[]

  • Philodendron Poisoning

    Practice Essentials According to the 2013 annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System, 1,950,455 single exposures to nonpharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals were reported, of which 43,947 (2.3%) were exposures to plants. [1] Children younger than 6 years were[…][]

  • Stomatitis

    Bacterial and viral culture Laboratory tests Biopsy Patients with acute stomatitis and no symptoms, signs, or risk factors for systemic illness probably require no testing[] Erythema and edema are the usual oral manifestations, often with ulcerations.[] mucosal disorder.[]

  • Erythema Multiforme

    American Heart Association are fever persisting at least 5 days in presence of at least 4 principal features such as changes in extremities (acute erythema of palms/soles or edema[] Erythema multiforme and related disorders. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 2007;103:642-654. CrossRef Farthing P, Bagan J.V, Scully C.[] […] peeling of fingers/toes), polymorphous exanthem, bilateral bulbar conjunctival injection without exudate, changes in lips and oral cavity (erythema, lips cracking, strawberry tongue[]

  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

    […] of conjunctiva and mucous membranes; hypotension; involvement of 3 or more organs; occurs in menstruating women who use tampons and in postsurgical settings; strawberry tongue[] Crispian Scully , Mucosal, oral and cutaneous disorders , Scully's Medical Problems in Dentistry , 10.1016/B978-0-7020-5401-3.00011-4 , (323-336) , (2014) .[] […] globulin (some benefit noted) Ophthalmology consultation 10 – 12 Wound care Toxic shock syndrome* Diffuse “sunburn” rash with desquamation over one to two weeks; erythema and edema[]

  • Ludwig's Angina

    The patient suffered from sore throat, cough, and anorexia, followed by severe dyspnea caused by edema of the tongue, pharynx, and neck, renal failure, and metabolic acidosis[] Swelling and edema in these spaces cause the floor of the mouth to feel woody and subsequently causes the tongue to elevate and protrude upward and outward.[] If the patient is able to open his mouth, there may be dental caries with surrounding edema and tenderness. The tongue is elevated from the floor of the mouth.[]

    Missing: Oral Mucosal Disorder
  • Toxic Effect of Corrosive Alkalis

    . • Shock: due to sever dehydration with scanty urine and collapse. 18. 1- Erythema, edema, erosions in the oropharynx, lips, tongue and mouth cavity.[] ., Transplantation of cultivated autologous oral mucosal epithelial cells in patients with severe ocular surface disorders.[] Asphyxia due to spasm and edema of glottis Late 1. Starvation due to stricture of the esophagus. 2. Pulmonary complication. 28.[]

  • Food Allergy

    In addition, edema of the lips, tongue, and uvula and a sensation of tightness in the throat may be observed.[] Pollen-food allergy syndrome (oral allergy syndrome) Patients with this syndrome develop itching or tingling of the lips, tongue, palate, and throat following the ingestion[] In fewer than 3% of cases, symptoms progress to more systemic reactions, such as laryngeal edema or hypotension. [15] This syndrome is caused by cross-reactivity between certain[]

    Missing: Oral Mucosal Disorder
  • Angioedema

    The edema resolved, the tongue returned to normal size, and the patient was extubated the next day.[] All data were derived from EHR sources, with angioedema defined by EHR reactions of angioedema, swelling, edema, or lip, eye, face, tongue, throat or mouth swelling.[] The more anterior the edema is (lips, anterior tongue), the less likely the need for intubation ( 18036423 ) .[]

    Missing: Oral Mucosal Disorder