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1,332 Possible Causes for efferent

  • Dobutamine

    […] considered a benign peri-procedural event and is thought to be secondary to the Bezold-Jarisch reflex, with profound heart rate decrease secondary to a marked increased in vagal efferent[] Direct measures of efferent sympathetic outflow to the heart are not available in humans.[] Because cardiac efferent nerve activity cannot be recorded in vivo, we cannot be definitive about this mechanism.[]

  • Edrophonium

    Abstract Vasovagal syncope after head-up tilting is thought to be secondary to a complex, neurally-mediated reflex with both vasodepressor and cardioinhibitory efferent components[]

  • Endoscopy

    […] and efferent limbs.[] We present a case of afferent limb obstruction complicated by a long efferent limb of the ileal pouch that we successfully treated with side-to-side anastomosis of the afferent[] Laparotomy view also prevented of injury to the pouch itself and entrapment of the mesentery of the afferent and efferent limbs of the pouch between the stapler anvils. 2016[]

  • Horseshoe Kidney

    Due to a large AVF gauge and poor flow of the efferent vein to the inferior vena cava, a surgical procedure of two renal artery segmentary branches ligation and division was[]

  • Essential Tremor

    High-frequency electrical stimulation possibly resulted in unilateral activation of the efferent sympathetic pathways in the zona incerta.[] Moreover, there were extensive changes in the dentate nucleus, in the form of neuronal loss, neuronal atrophy, microglial clusters, and reduction in the number of efferent[]

  • Adenosine

    Abstract Background In large-caliber pial macrofistulae (pMF), the combination of high blood flow velocity and large efferent artery diameter makes control over the endovascular[]

  • Congenital Absence of the Vas Deferens

    Abstract A case of successful in vitro microfertilization and pregnancy of 30-year-old woman with sperm from efferent duct retrieved by a micropuncture technique combined[] Our experience indicates that sperm from the efferent duct retrieved by this new technique, when combined with assisted reproductive technologies, permit fertilization and[]

  • Striatonigral Degeneration

    Also, marked depletion of calcineurin-immunoreactive putaminal efferents was consistently present in the posteroventrolateral portions of the globus pallidus interna (GPi)[] This report emphasizes the usefulness of the CaN-immunostaining technique for assessing the striatal efferents in human basal ganglia, and shows the neuropathological changes[] Abstract Previous autoradiographic studies in rats using [3H]CP55,940 have demonstrated the cannabinoid receptor to be located on the axon terminals of striatal efferent neurons[]

  • Gaucher Disease Type 3

    […] auditory brainstem evoked responses (ABR), acoustic reflexes and medial olivo-cochlear suppression by contralateral noise tests, that involve overlapping but not identical efferent[]

  • Tinnitus

    A disturbance of the outer hair cells or the MOC efferent fibers innervating the outer hair cells is considered to be the source of the loud spontaneous otoacoustic emission[] […] tolerance in both TEs and NTEs might reflect increased central gain consequent on hidden synaptopathy that was subsequently balanced between the ears by lateral olivocochlear efferents[]

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