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401 Possible Causes for Elbow Dimples, Frozen Shoulder

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

    Dimpling of the skin below he acromion (the sulcus sign) indicates inferior humeral translation. This indicates instability of the shoulder joint.[] […] simply type 2 frozen shoulder.[] Do not stop using your shoulder because inactivity can cause it to “freeze”, causing a condition known as frozen shoulder. Maintain good posture.[]

  • Frozen Shoulder

    Presentation is the same for both idiopathic frozen shoulder and frozen shoulder as a result of injury.[] Causes of frozen shoulder It's often not clear why people get a frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder happens when the tissue around your shoulder joint becomes inflamed.[] Both frozen shoulder and the related shoulder-hand syndrome may occur in this setting.[]

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  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

    Abstract The role of thermography in the diagnosis of soft tissue lesions of the shoulder was evaluated by screening 28 patients with unilateral frozen shoulder and 86 patients[] OBJECTIVE: This review discusses the efficacy of local corticosteroid injections in the treatment of rotator cuff tendinitis (except for frozen shoulder and calcific tendinitis[] Links Find a Trigger Point Professional in your area More Articles About Frozen Shoulder More Articles About the Rotator Cuff Dry Needling for Trigger Points NAT Professional[]

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  • Rotator Cuff Tear

    Treating Frozen Shoulder Article continues below What Happens During Rotator Cuff Surgery?[] You can end up with a frozen shoulder or arthritis that is harder to treat.[] A popping or clicking noise when moving the shoulder. Frozen Shoulder The signs and symptoms of a frozen shoulder include: Stiffness in the joint. Tightness.[]

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  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis

    View This Article Keywords shoulder, joint, stretch, stiff, frozen shoulder, rotation, arthritis How was this rated?[] Frozen shoulder also occurs in a younger age group, usually affecting people in their forties.[] Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) If you have a frozen shoulder the capsule around the joint has become too tight, stopping you moving your shoulder.[]

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  • Calcific Tendinitis of the Shoulder

    It is one of the worst pains in the shoulder (the other being Frozen Shoulder ).[] Anton HA (1993) Frozen shoulder. Can Fam Physician 39:1773–1778 PubMed Google Scholar 50. Cutts S, Clarke D (2002) The patient with frozen shoulder.[] Occasionally it can lead to stiffness in the shoulder ( Frozen shoulder ).[]

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  • Shoulder-Hand Syndrome

    Diagnosis and treatment The diagnosis is made on the clinical symptoms of a frozen shoulder.[] shoulder.[] The pathogenesis of this dystrophy is unclear but entrapment of vessels and nerves in the frozen shoulder may pay a role.[]

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  • Shoulder Fracture

    Frozen Shoulder Frozen shoulder is a condition of painful shoulder with limited movement because of pain and inflammation.[] […] which carries circulating white blood cells, offers excellent protection against infection, consequently making a shoulder infection a rare occurrence. view Frozen Shoulder[] Shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder is also frequent after an undisplaced greater tuberosity fracture. This may require treatment, like a true frozen shoulder.[]

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  • Bursitis

    Capsulitides, Adhesive Capsulitides, Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis Capsulitis, Adhesive Capsulitis, Shoulder Adhesive Frozen Shoulder Frozen Shoulders Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitides[] Shoulders 349 223 Primary Frozen Shoulder 350 2232 Pathology 351 2235 Clinical Presentation 352 224 Acquired Frozen Shoulder 353 225 Treatment 354 2252 The Acquired Frozen[] shoulder" ( 726.0 ) ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to 727.3 :[]

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  • Tendinitis

    Loss of motion in the shoulder, called "adhesive capsulitis" or frozen shoulder. How Can I Avoid Tendinitis?[] The symptoms that you may feel are pain at the site of the tendon and surrounding area or loss of motion in the shoulder also called “frozen shoulder.”[] This can be very beneficial, especially for a "frozen shoulder." Physical therapy includes range-of-motion exercises and splinting (thumb, forearm, bands). Surgery.[]

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