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2,799 Possible Causes for Elbow Dimples, Immunoglobulin G Increased, Joint Contracture

  • Eosinophilic Fasciitis

    In patients with insidious onset or without treatment, skin changes can evolve from edema to induration and peau d' orange dimpling.[] A 14-year-old boy was suspected of having a myopathy with joint contractures.[] contractures and intermittent blood eosinophilia.[]

  • Hashimoto Thyroiditis

    , trigger finger, limited joint mobility and carpal tunnel syndrome have all been found in patients with hypothyroidism. [3] Case Presentation Susan is a 46 year old elementary[] Electromicroscopy shows deposits of immunoglobulin (Ig) G and Tg along the basement membranes of follicular cells. Both B and T cells infiltrate the thyroid.[] […] neuromuscular manifestations can occur at any time during the disease process. [1] According to a study by Cakir M, Samanci N, Balci N, Balci MK adhesive capsulitis, Dupuytren’s contracture[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples
  • Diffuse Scleroderma

    contractures (rigidity) Tight, mask-like facial skin Ulcerations on the fingertips and toes Pain and stiffness in the joints Persistent cough Shortness of breath Heartburn[] Restriction of joint movement, contractures and muscle atrophy due to skin sclerosis.[] Flexion contractures may develop in the fingers, wrists, and elbows. Friction rubs may develop over the joints, tendon sheaths, and large bursae.[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Some of the conditions the doctor looks for include swelling and warmth around the joint, painful motion, lumps under the skin, joint deformities, and joint contractures ([] Advanced changes in RA ( shown below ) include ulnar deviation of the fingers at the MCP joints, hyperextension or hyperflexion of the MCP and PIP joints, flexion contractures[] Other rheumatoid symptoms include: Swelling, pain, and stiffness in the joint, even when it is not being used A feeling of warmth around the joint Deformities and contractures[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples
  • Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

    Pterygia (these are winglike triangular membranes occurring typically in the neck, knees, elbows, ankles or fingers).[] Prenatal diagnosis is usually based on the detection of diminished fetal movements and joint contractures on ultrasound.[] Multiple joint contractures became evident at 18 weeks.[]

    Missing: Immunoglobulin G Increased
  • Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder

    contractures, muscular atrophy, microcytic anemia, and panniculitis-induced lipodystrophy syndrome AR 5 9 PSTPIP1 Pyogenic sterile arthritis, pyoderma gangrenosum, and acne[] Nakajo-Nishimura syndrome, Chronic atypical neutrophilic dermatosis with lipodystrophy and elevated temperature syndrome, Autoinflammation, lipodystrophy, and dermatosis syndrome, Joint[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples
  • Neurogenic Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

    ,flexed and ulnarly deviated wrist AMC associated characteristics -Common to both type: clubfeet, flexed, and ulnarly deviated wrists, IR shoulders -Scoliosis Dimpling of[] English neurogenic arthrogryposis multiplex congenita congenital joint contracture in two or more areas of the body arthrogryposis multiplex congenita AMC Guérin-Stern syndrome[] A contracture occurs when a joint becomes permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position, which can impact the function and range of motion of the joint and lead to[]

    Missing: Immunoglobulin G Increased
  • Arthrogryposis due to Muscular Dystrophy

    Pterygia (these are winglike triangular membranes occurring typically in the neck, knees, elbows, ankles or fingers).[] ·ses (-sēz) The permanent fixation of a joint in a contracted position. arthrogryposis multiplex congenita A rare sporadic condition characterised by joint contractures, dislocations[] Abstract Arthrogryposis, or multiple congenital contractures, is the occurrence of joint contractures of diverse etiology in the prenatal period.[]

    Missing: Immunoglobulin G Increased
  • Chronic Pyogenic Osteomyelitis

    contractures (the splint should not obscure the affected area) Antibiotics should be started immediately after taking the blood and aspirate sample.[] Contractures and periarticular adhesions, subluxation and/or dislocation of joints were some of the other causes for deformity (See [Figure - 2] ).[] Muscles are scarred and cause contractures of adjacent joints. A lighting up of infection is manifest by aching pain that is worse at night.[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples
  • Nakajo Syndrome

    Progressive lipomuscular atrophy (mainly in the upper body) and interphalangeal joint contractures lead to the characteristic thin and angular facial appearance and to the[] contractures and no recurrent fever in JMP], to the best of our knowledge this is the first time that early onset of joint contractures was clearly observed in CANDLE syndrome[] Symptoms include periodic fever, skin rash, partial lipomuscular atrophy, and joint contracture.[]

    Missing: Elbow Dimples

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