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36 Possible Causes for Elbow Dimples, Periostitis

  • Melorheostosis

    However at the age of 5 weeks her mother noticed dimpling of the skin on her right thigh.[] Melorheostosis Leri’s Disease, Flowing Periosteal Hyperostosis One of a group of sclerosing bone disorders Rare Cause is unknown Produces thickening of the endosteum and periosteum[] In addition, transforming growth factor-beta was immunolocalized in the periosteal fibroblasts, mesenchymal cells surrounding vessels, endothelial cells, and osteoblasts,[]

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

    Dimpling of the skin below he acromion (the sulcus sign) indicates inferior humeral translation. This indicates instability of the shoulder joint.[] To use this approach, elevate a flap of deltoid with its periosteal attachment and the periosteal attachment of the trapezius approximately 2 cm onto the superior acromial[] Findings on magnetic resonance imaging of patients with internal impingement include mature periosteal bone formation at the scapular attachment of the posterior aspect of[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Prognathism

    Aortic aneurysm Widely spaced teeth Elbow dislocation Phimosis Sparse eyebrow Pear-shaped nose Vertebral fusion Cortical dysplasia Long fingers Prominent metopic ridge Slender[] Absence of cutaneous and radiographic findings like papular mucinosis, hyperkeratosis, generalized hypertrophy of epidermal appendages and periosteal thickening of skull or[] Mandibular Growth consists of a periosteal growth of cortical bone and an endochondral growth of the condyle. Active mandibular growth occurs in the condyle.[]

  • Tibia Varum

    She was noted to have short, broad hands and feet with deep palmar creases, short toes, and dimples in the elbows and knees.[] DIAGNOSIS Periosteal osteosarcoma.[] Fractures -- Rib Fractures -- The Scapula -- The Sternum -- Hands and Feet -- Clavicle -- Multiple Fractures of Different Ages -- Dislocations of the Appendicular Skeleton -- Periosteal[]

  • Humerus Trochlea Aplasia

    Sulcus sign: This is dimpling of skin below the acromion with longitudinal traction.[] Periosteal stripping during sarcoma removal 5.[] The abundant periosteal arteries nourish the outer part of the underlying cortex also.[]

  • Metachondromatosis

    Loss of cutaneous creases with joint dimpling. Operative reduction of dislocated hips is controversial. Femoral shortening facilitates treatment of flexion contracture.[] Keywords Bone Tumour Calcify Cartilage Spongy Bone Anterior Tibial Tuberosity Periosteal Chondroma These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors.[] Periosteal chondrosarcoma tends to affect young adults in the second to fourth decades of life. 27,29 Periosteal chondroma and periosteal osteosarcoma are the most difficult[]

  • Calcified Aponeurotic Fibroma

    The overlying skin was unremarkable and nonadherent without dimpling. Mild limitation of movement in the right elbow joint was noted.[] SYNONYMS Florid reactive periostitis Parosteal fasciitis INCIDENCE Rare AGE RANGE-MEDIAN 5-70 years Mean 34 years PATHOGENESIS CHARACTERIZATION Probably a reactive lesion-often[] 10% of all bone tumors overall There are 2 forms Pedunculated (with a stalk) Sessile (flat without a stalk) Osteochondromas likely arise from displaced cartilage through periosteal[]

  • Humero-Ulnar Synostosis

    It was fixed in extension at a dimple, which represented the ‘elbow’ (Figures 1 and 2) ( Figure 2.[] Careful dissection with minimal periosteal disruption prevents the further stimulation of bone, limiting recurrence.[] Sub-periosteal exposure of the fusion mass was accomplished.[]

  • Humero-Radial Synostosis

    It was fixed in extension at a dimple, which represented the ‘elbow’ (Figures 1 and 2) ( Figure 2.[] Careful dissection with minimal periosteal disruption prevents the further stimulation of bone, limiting recurrence.[] No HO recurrence was detected throughout which might confirm the theory that the RUS was induced due to periostal K wire scratching during forearm rotation resulting in local[]

  • Acro-Pectoral Syndrome

    Dimples over elbows and knees have been observed in prune belly syndrome, Joubert syndrome and facial clefting syndrome.[] […] bone formation; osteogenesis imperfecta Failure of endosteal bone formation; idiopathic osteoporosis Diaphyseal hyperplasias Excessive periosteal bone formation; progressive[] , os sacrum, elbow, patella and tibia.[]

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