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32 Possible Causes for Elevated Sedimentation Rate, Hypoglycemia, Prolactin Increased

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    Cell Carcinoma o Appearances § Mediastinal adenopathy § Hilar mass § Small or invisible lung nodule o High metastatic potential o Rapid growth o May be associated with § Hypoglycemia[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Nelson R. Cytoreductive Nephrectomy Benefits Some Kidney Cancer Patients. Medscape [serial online]. Available at . Accessed February 10, 2014. Jonasch et al. In: Kantarjian HM, Wolff RA, Koller CA, eds. Renal cell carcinoma. MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2006. Linehan MW, Berton Z,[…][]

  • Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

    One patient experienced dose limiting toxicity (DLT) at dose level 3 (grade 4 hypoglycemia).[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    They also can cause hypoglycemia [ 41 ].[] Higher A1c targets should be considered for those with shortened life expectancies, a known history of severe hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness, CKD, as well as in[] The increased mortality could not be attributed to hypoglycemia [ 13 ].[]

  • Langerhans-Cell Histiocytosis

    […] of the nine patients had growth hormone deficiency, which in two patients was part of panhypopituitarism and in one was associated with poor cortisol response to insulin hypoglycemia[] […] erythrocyte sedimentation rate (48 mm/h).[] Follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and prolactin levels continued to be low. No serum growth hormone level assessment was performed.[]

  • Hypothyroidism

    […] hyper-reactive Hypo-reactive Medical condition History of Infections Common Occasional Chronic Fatigue Yes Yes Orthostatic Hypotension Frequent No Blood Sugar Levels Tendency toward hypoglycemia[] Disease features include low grade fever, thyroid pain, dysphagia, and elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).[] […] cholesterol levels Increased liver enzymes Increased serum prolactin Low serum sodium A complete blood count (CBC) that shows anemia Treatment: The purpose of treatment is[]

  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    反応性低血糖 recurrent hypoglycemia 反復性低血糖 recurrent hypoglycemia 反復性低血糖症 semisynthetic insulin 半合成インスリン small-for-date infant 発育遅延児 struma lymphomatosa 橋本甲状腺炎 struma lymphomatosa[] […] and prolactin, and increased thyroid peroxidase antibody and thyroglobulin antibody.[] prolactin levels.[]

  • Pituitary Adenoma

    Laboratory testing showed hypoglycemia, multiple pituitary hormonal deficiencies, and an elevated C-reactive protein level.[] The systemic symptoms (eg, fever, arthralgia, elevated sedimentation rate, lupuslike rashes) that accompany some myxomas may be due to the production of the proinflammatory[] Prolactinomas increase blood levels of prolactin.[]

  • Bone Metastasis

    Hypoxia-inducible factor-2α (HIF-2α) is involved in the apoptotic response to hypoglycemia but not to hypoxia. J. Biol.[] , or in bone function, increases the impact of prolactin signaling in breast cancer bone metastases.[] Experimental and epidemiologic data suggest that prolactin is associated with mammary gland development, and also the increased risk of breast tumors and metastatic disease[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    In a large cohort of pediatric patients with T1DM, no difference was observed in hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) levels, frequency of ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia, or need for increased[] Initial labs showed pancytopenia, bandemia, proteinuria, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and elevated d-dimer.[] Studies do not agree on whether taking hormones increases the risk for lupus or for lupus symptom flares.[]

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