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5,187 Possible Causes for EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation, Mental Retardation, Muscle Biopsy Abnormal

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy A muscle biopsy (taking a sample of muscle) for dystrophin studies can be done to look for abnormal levels of dystrophin in the muscle[] Some patients also have mild mental retardation. As DMD progresses, a wheelchair may be needed.[] […] fibers) For Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies, muscle biopsy may show whether dystrophin, a muscle protein, is missing or abnormal, and DNA testing is used to analyze[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

    Electromyography was abnormal in all patients. Muscle biopsy in 1 patient demonstrated normal immunostaining for dystrophin.[] retardation.[] Elevated serum CK Skeletal muscle biopsy showing decreased dystrophin quantity Panel overlap The gene on this panel is also included on our Autism Intellectual Disability[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • MELAS Syndrome

    Electron microscopy of a muscle biopsy sample revealed mitochondria with abnormally arranged cristae and abnormal electron densities.[] The younger sister had severe involvement of the central nervous system with mental retardation, epilepsia partialis continua, and strokelike episodes.[] He presented with standard features of the symptom like: encephalopathy, myopathy, hearing impairment, mental retardation, vision disturbances and history of seizures and[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle biopsy abnormalities in two individuals very early in the course of their disease suggest that biopsy would probably be useful in detection of preclinical disease in[] retardation but normal brain imaging.[] Some LGMD subtypes have distinguishing features, including pattern of muscle involvement, cardiac abnormalities, extramuscular involvement, and muscle biopsy findings.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Muscular Dystrophy

    This condition is typically characterized by large and abnormally distributed mitochondria on muscle biopsy, which can distinguish this condition from the other muscle conditions[] retardation.[] Under the microscope, the muscle of a positive biopsy generally shows dead tissue and abnormally large muscle fibers.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Motor Neuron Disease

    For patients with MND affecting the LMNs, the EMG will show evidence of: (1) acute denervation, which is ongoing as motor neurons degenerate, and (2) chronic denervation and[] The results of electromyography and muscle biopsy were compatible with ALS. However, supranuclear vertical gaze palsy and slow saccades are seen.[] retardation, extrapyramidal disease, ataxic syndrome, dementia, deafness, ichthyosis, peripheral neuropathy, and epilepsy. [29] Progressive bulbar palsy Brown-Vialetto-Van[]

  • Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

    If genetic testing does not confirm the diagnosis, then muscle biopsy can be done.[] This entity should be included in the differential diagnoses for patients with muscular symptoms and accompanying mental retardation.[] Extramuscular features such as hearing loss, retinopathy, mental retardation, and epilepsy, may be observed in patients carrying large 4q35 deletions resulting in fragment[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Erb Muscular Dystrophy

    biopsy (examination of a sample of the weak muscle tissue under a microscope), and genetic testing.[] Disrupts or deletes Dp140 coding sequence Typical DMD cognitive change S-dystrophin (116 kDa) promoter (intron 55) & exon 56 Severe mental retardation Motor: Variable; DMD[] Diagnostic Test Results-Diagnostic Procedures Results of biopsy of the muscle confirm the diagnosis.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • MERRF Syndrome

    Biopsy: Abnormal mitochondria from under the muscle tissue membrane appear as “ragged red fibres” under a microscope Chemical staining identifies diseased mitochondria, appearing[] Among them, action myoclonus was seen in five; short stature, muscle weakness, and mental retardation in four; lactic acidosis, hearing impairment, and ataxia in two; and[] Less typical symptoms are mental retardation or deterioration, delayed sexual maturation and short stature.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 7

    Diagnosis depends on findings from muscle biopsy, electromyography, ischemic forearm testing, creatine kinase testing, patient history, and physical examination. [3] Biochemical[] retardation, no mannose-6-phosphate tagging for lysosomesI-cell ds. corneal clouding, no mental retardation, inc. dermatan sulfateScheie's ds. memorize[] Diagnosis depends on patient history and physical examination, muscle biopsy, electromyelography, ischemic forearm test, and creatine kinase level.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation

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