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16 Possible Causes for Emotional Lability, Paranoid State, Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion

  • Schizophrenia

    lability often occur.[] (in contrast to paranoid schizophrenics who tend to be suspicious and jumpy); and simple schizophrenics, who exhibit a "loss of interest and initiative" like the catatonic[] First, they had delusions whose theme and content reminded them of delusions they had previously experienced during an acute psychotic state (particularly grandiose and paranoid[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    We report an eighteen year old female, a case of acute intermittent porphyria with syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion, as presenting feature for its[] The patient was diagnosed with severe hyponatremia caused by acute volume depletion and possible syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion, secondary to acute[] He subsequently developed hyponatremia secondary to syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion.[]

  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    Hyponatremia presumably occurs because of the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) or because of loss of sodium in the gastrointestinal tract or[] […] of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH).[] […] who received class Ic antiarrhythmic agents for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) and presented with an acute episode of porphyria, which consisted of acute abdomen and syndrome[]

  • Organic Brain Syndrome

    lability, fatigue, loss of appetite and vertigo after 4 weeks.[] Paranoid and paranoid-hallucinatory organic states Schizophrenia-like psychosis in epilepsy Excludes: disorder: · acute and transient psychotic ( F23.- ) · persistent delusional[] Hyponatremia and the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH).[]

  • Catatonia

    Delirious Mania Characterized by an acute onset of excitement, grandiosity, emotional lability, delusions, insomnia, and other symptoms typical of mania, and accompanied by[] […] schizophrenia Persistent vegetative state Resignation syndrome Tonic immobility References [ edit ] "Archived copy (Internet Archive)".[] […] of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) Neurologic, including encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy Rheumatologic, including systemic lupus erythematosus[]

  • Thyrotoxicosis Factitia

    Various psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, emotional lability, insomnia, agitation, mania, and depression are also concurrent with hypermetabolic symptoms.[] […] of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone E228CC 0515:4 codes Other hyperfunction of pituitary gland E229CC 0515:4 codes Hyperfunction of pituitary gland, unspecified[] Clinical manifestation • Symptoms of increased adrenergic stimulation -palpitations, nervousness, fatigue, emotional lability, hyperkinesis, and tremors. • The most common[]

  • Organic Hallucination

    Acute marijuana intoxication can produce a delusional disorder that may include persecutory delusions, depersonalization, and emotional lability.[] […] personality disorder D Manic depressive psychosis 7) Personality deterioration is seen in A Schizophrenia B Paranoid state C Manic depressive psychosis D None of the above[] EMOTIONAL LABILITY Patients with delirium may display a wide range of emotions, including anxiety, sadness or tearfulness, and euphoria.[]

  • Neuromyelitis Optica

    […] symptoms, including brain fog, depressed or anxious mood, and emotional lability.[] Mental disturbances may occur; a serious paranoid state or depression with risk of suicide may be induced, particularly in patients with a history of mental disorder.[] antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH).[]

  • Proximal Myopathy with Extrapyramidal Signs

    Psychiatric illness with psychosis, personality change, emotional lability, abnormal behavior, and dementia occur in the late teens.[] Adverse behavioral effects include paradoxical exacerbation of psychotic symptoms; catatonic-like states; paranoid reactions; lethargy; paradoxical excitement; restlessness[] […] of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion Frequency not reported : Thyroid function tests abnormal Postmarketing reports : Thyroid nodules/cancer [ Ref ] Metabolic[]

  • Extrapyramidal Disorder

    Emotional lability, personality change and cognitive problems usually occur a little later.[] […] and hallucinatory syndromes Mania, hypermanic, or hypomanic states Psychomotor agitation In elderly individuals During alcohol withdrawal treatment Chronic schizophrenia[] […] of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH), and movement disorders. 4 New cases of movement disorders associated with SSRIs are difficult to identify due to[]

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