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177 Possible Causes for Empty Sella Syndrome, Weight Gain

  • Obesity

    The radiology unveiled a pentad of hydrocephalus, empty sella, suprapineal recess diverticulum, secondary Chiari malformation and cervical syringomyelia, masking a relatively[] Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain as a side effect ( 10 ). For example, antidepressants have been linked to modest weight gain over time ( 11 ).[] Whether an association exists between fast food consumption and weight gain is unclear.[]

  • Pituitary Disorder

    Empty Sella Syndrome (2003 February 1, Revised). Empty Sella Syndrome. The Merck Manual of Medical Information – Second Home Edition [On-line information].[] Improper hormone levels can cause a wide range of problems, including high or low blood pressure, weight gain or weight loss, emotional extremes, and sexual dysfunction. 1[] Empty Sella Syndrome Information Page. Available at: Accessed May 4, 2017.[]

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency

    Empty sella syndrome is the pathological variant of the imaging-described empty sella.[] gain.[] Jordan RM, Kendall JW, Kerber CW (1977) The primary empty sella syndrome. Am J Med 62:569–579 Google Scholar 15.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    sella syndrome, hypothalamic tumors, long-term glucocorticoid therapy Clinical Symptoms shared with 1 0 adrenal insufficiency Tiredness, weakness, mental depression, anorexia[] Thereafter, she developed a swollen face, had unexplained weight gain, and fatigue. Cosyntropin stimulation test was positive for adrenal insufficiency.[] MA has also been used to promote weight gain in malnourished elderly patients, in patients with immunodeficiency virus and in cancer-induced cachexia.[]

  • Hypopituitarism

    Visceral adiposity and metabolic changes were associated with the deficiency. [5] Other causes of hypopituitarism include empty sella syndrome and infiltrative diseases.[] Clinical presentation is often insidious being characterized by non-specific manifestations, such as weight gain, fatigue, low muscle strength, bradipsychism, hypotension[] […] loss, skin pallor TSH Thyroid gland: thyroid hormone Fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, sensitivity to cold, constipation LH and FSH in Women Ovaries: estrogen, progesterone[]

  • Prolactinoma

    KEYWORDS: Complications of prolactinoma treatment; Empty sella syndrome; Optic chiasm elevation; Optic chiasmapexy; Prolactinoma[] Only two patients complained of recent weight gain at the initial consultation.[] Prolactinomas are typically diagnosed because of problems related to high blood prolactin levels and associated hypogonadism (low sex hormones) and weight gain .[]

  • Nelson Syndrome

    , Kallmann syndrome, Growth hormone deficiency, Diabetes insipidus ) - Adiposogenital dystrophy - Empty sella syndrome - Hypophysitis Adrenal Cushing's syndrome ( Nelson's[] gain, especially in the abdomen.[] Empty Sella Syndrome (2003 February 1, Revised). Empty Sella Syndrome.[]

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

    We described a case of singleton pregnancy in a 38-year-old patient, presenting with primary hypogonadotropic amenorrhea and empty sella syndrome, treated with human menopausal[] gain or weight loss) Long-term (chronic) medical diseases, including chronic inflammation or infections Drug use, such as heroin or use or abuse of prescription opiate medicines[] ., [13] hMG injection was used for follicular development in a 38-year-old patient of HH with empty sella syndrome that led to the formation of two follicles and after IUI[]

  • Anterior Pituitary Disease

    Empty Sella Syndrome (2003 February 1, Revised). Empty Sella Syndrome.[] […] high prolactin (lack of dompamine inhibition) over 200ug/L men: loss of libido, gynecomastia, weight gain women: amenorrhae, galactoria, infertility, weight gain diagnosis[] Cushing's disease causes very pronounced weight gain with a marked slowing of height gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, weakness, and irritability.[]

  • Autoimmune Hypophysitis

    We report here unusual presentations of two females with AH followed by empty sella syndrome.[] In my third trimester of pregnancy I started gaining weight like crazy despite still eating as I always had. After I had my daughter I continued to gain weight.[] Plain X-ray of the skull showed an asymmetrical sella, and a diagnosis of ‘empty sella syndrome’ was made. There was no previous psychiatric history.[]

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