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2,606 Possible Causes for Empyema, Fainting Spells, Recurrent Pneumonia due to Aspiration

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    A 64 year old woman presented with persistent and severe symptoms due to recurrent aspiration pneumonias associated with oesophageal reflux.[] Aside from the drainage of empyemas, the primary therapy for aspiration pneumonia involves antimicrobial agents.[] An 80-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with recurrent right-sided aspiration pneumonia, found on barium swallow to be due to diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis[]

  • Hypotension

    […] you have: Chest pain Shortness of breath When to call your health care provider Call your health care provider right away if you have any of the following: Dizziness or fainting[] Clinical presentation was hoarseness, aspiration pneumonia and hypoxemia requiring ventilatory support.[] Other clinical settings include surgical wound infections, postpartum infections, deep abscesses, osteomyelitis, empyema, peritonsillar abscess, and sinusitis. 7.[]

  • Brain Abscess

    . : Subdural empyema: A review of 29 cases. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1964 ;27: 422 - 434. Google Scholar Crossref Medline ISI Kubik CS, Adams RD : Subdural empyema.[] Neuroimaging showed a large left parietal abscess with surrounding empyema. The patient underwent craniotomy and drainage of the abscess. A. meyeri was cultured.[] Google Scholar Medline Galbraith JG, Barr VW : Epidural abscess and subdural empyema. Adv Neurol 1974 ;6: 257 - 267.[]

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  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    […] from swallowing disturbances and dysphagia further complicated by recurrent aspiration pneumonia.[] Empyema and Effusions (new chapter pending) - Brian H. Wu, MD IX. Gastroenterology: Section Editor - Shilpa J. Patel, MD & Kyra A. Len, MD 1.[] You may suffer from fainting spells that are unexpected, so you can’t walk frequently or work in a hazardous industry.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Sepsis was diagnosed in five children, and empyema and arthritis in the knee were found in one child each, respectively.[] […] encountered most often, a wide variety of infections—including potentially life-threatening ones, such as septicemia, endocarditis, meningitis, peritonitis, pneumonitis, empyema[] In patients with empyema or pleural effusion, decreased breath sounds and dullness on percussion are observed.[]

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  • Bauxite Fibrosis

    […] syndrome · Pulmonary edema · Hamman-Rich syndrome · Interstitial lung disease Suppurative and necrotic conditions of lower respiratory tract Lung abscess · Pleural effusion · Empyema[] […] cavity / mediastinum Pleural disease Pleuritis/pleurisy Pneumothorax / Hemopneumothorax ( Tension pneumothorax ) Pleural effusion : Hemothorax · Hydrothorax · Chylothorax · Empyema[] […] embolism Lung abscess Pleural cavity / mediastinum Pleural disease Pleuritis/pleurisy Pneumothorax / Hemopneumothorax Pleural effusion Hemothorax Hydrothorax Chylothorax Empyema[]

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  • Pneumothorax

    Diagnosis included pneumothorax (11 cases), hydropneumothorax (n   5), empyema (n   8) and hemopneumothorax (n   1). 88% (22/25) patients showed single/multiple pulmonary[] […] a large hydropneumothorax from pleural empyema on the right side of the chest cavity (A is air; B is fluid).[] As far as can be understood from the book, Sabuncuoglu describes pleural drainage for empyema but does not describe closed underwater drainage for pneumothorax, which was[]

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  • Hyponatremia

    Amiodarone (Cordarone) Carbamazepine (Tegretol) Cerebral disorders (e.g., tumor, meningitis) Chest disorders (e.g., pneumonia, empyema) Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) Ectopic[] Chih-Yen Tu and Chia-Hung Chen, Spontaneous bacterial empyema, Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine, 18, 4, (355), (2012). Aldo J.[] ., pneumonia, empyema) Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) Ectopic antidiuretic hormone secretion Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Theophylline TABLE 3 Common Causes of SIADH[]

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  • Chemical Pneumonitis

    205 30 Atypical Pneumonia 211 31 CommunityAcquired Pneumonia 221 32 Nosocomial Pneumonia 229 33 Aspiration Pneumonia 233 Figure 331 K pneumoniae 236 34 Lung Abscess 241 35 Empyema[] Treatment and prognosis Complications The major complication associated with aspiration is pulmonary infection: segmental or lobar pneumonia bronchopneumonia lung abscess empyema[] Aspiration that has resulted in pneumonia, lung abscess, or empyema caused by oropharyngeal anaerobic bacteria has usually been treated, at least initially, with penicillin[]

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  • Meningitis

    Central nervous system (CNS) infections caused by Actinomyces spp. including brain abscess, actinomycoma, subdural empyema and epidural abscess are well described, however[] Consistent with Bacterial Meningitis CSF Findings Consistent with Bacterial Meningitis Consider Other Diagnoses including focal bacterial infection (parameningeal abscess or empyema[] Subdural empyema : Sometimes pus collects under the outer layer (dura mater) of the meninges, causing a subdural empyema.[]

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