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517 Possible Causes for Enamel Hypoplasia, Failure to Thrive

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    Enamel hypoplasia was observed only in patients with MPS IVA (p CONCLUSIONS: Enamel hypoplasia was observed only in patients with MPS IVA, whereas anterior open bite was observed[] […] multiorgan deterioration that includes hepatosplenomegaly, dysostosis multiplex, short stature, coarse facial features, corneal clouding, joint contractures, umbilical hernias, failure[] RESULTS: Among all, 64.7% of the patients had unerupted teeth and 52.9% of them had enamel hypoplasia.[]

  • Fetal Malnutrition

    Health Econ. 2017 Oct;26(10):1264-1277. doi: 10.1002/hec.3397. Epub 2016 Aug 19. Author information 1 School of Economics, Singapore Management University, Singapore. 2 Department of Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA. Abstract We report evidence of long-term adverse health impacts of fetal malnutrition[…][]

  • Williams Syndrome

    They also present with epicanthal folds, microdontia, malocclusion, enamel hypoplasia, dental aplasia, and fan-shaped orientation of the front teeth (Leung & Leung, 2009).[] The seizure returned, and he was found to have elfin face, failure-to-thrive, developmental delay, and dental malformation in addition to congenital heart defects.[] Despite multiple medical problems in infancy, including feeding problems, failure to thrive, colic, and otitis media, mean age at diagnosis was 6.4 years.[]

  • Common Variable Immunodeficiency

    This case report describes a 10-year-old boy presenting with signs of common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), failure to thrive, impaired neurological development, and a[] Persistent diarrhoea and malabsorption (causing failure to thrive in children) from gastrointestinal infections.[] Persistent diarrhea, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, and failure to thrive may occur in infancy.[]

  • Cockayne Syndrome

    hypoplasia.[] Of these, failure to thrive, photosensitivity, and intellectual disability (language delays) developed before 2 or 3 years of age, whereas deafness, sunken eyes, and basal[] CAMFAK syndrome is an inherited disease characterized by congenital cataracts, microcephaly, failure to thrive, and kyphoscoliosis with onset in early infancy.[]

  • Celiac Disease

    KEYWORDS: aphthosis; celiac disease; enamel hypoplasia; tooth wear[] In young children, gastrointestinal presentations are common and include chronic diarrhea, failure to thrive, and abdominal distention; however, extraintestinal manifestations[] […] to thrive.[]

  • SHORT Syndrome

    Delayed dentition, hypodontia, enamel hypoplasia, malocclusion and multiple dental caries are frequently reported. Ophthalmic anomalies (e.g.[] Child does not gain weight (sometimes labeled “failure to thrive”) Dehydration Vitamin deficiencies as a result of poor absorption in the intestine Ulcers from excess stomach[] […] to thrive Hyperphagia does not occur until the approximate age of three years and is associated with polydipsia.[]

  • Hallermann Syndrome

    hypoplasia) hypotrichosis, various ophthalmic disorders (e.g. congenital cataracts, bilateral microphthalmia, ptosis, nystagmus) and atrophy of skin (especially around the[] She had a history of severe snoring, reported nocturnal apnea, excessive daytime hypersomnolence, nocturnal enuresis, and failure to thrive.[] A 2-mo-old female baby presented with ocular abnormalities and severe failure to thrive since birth. The clinical features were compatible with the diagnosis of HSS.[]

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    hypoplasia, with pitting of some or all of the tooth surfaces Junctional EB-Herlitz subtype: severe symptoms; presents at birth and involves all skin surfaces with exuberant[] For some types of EB, the internal mucosa is also affected: nutrition can be compromised, resulting in osteoporosis, and general failure to thrive: quite young children can[] Sepsis, respiratory failure and failure to thrive are the main causes. [ 26 ] Some subtypes, especially the milder EB forms, improve with age. [ 3 ][]

  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    主要主题词: Aortic Diseases; DEAD-box RNA Helicases; Dental Enamel Hypoplasia; Glaucoma; Metacarpus; Models, Molecular; Muscular Diseases; Odontodysplasia; Osteoporosis; Vascular[] Patients often present with muscular weakness, failure to thrive, abnormal dentition, glaucoma, psoriatic skin lesions, aortic calcification and musculoskeletal abnormalities[] (focal dermal hypoplasia) (hypodontia; enamel hypoplasia; delayed eruption; malformed teeth; irregular placement) 23. Hajdu-Cheney S.[]

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