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35 Possible Causes for Encephalomalacia, Headache, Impaired Judgement

  • Stroke

    In contrast, DWI remains elevated due to persistent high T2/FLAIR signal ( T2 shine through ), unless hemorrhage ( T2 blackout ) or cystic encephalomalacia 10.[] RESULTS: We report on two patients who presented with headache and mild hypertension after 4-FA use.[] A well-circumscribed region of cerebrospinal fluid–like low density, resulting from encephalomalacia and cystic change, is eventually seen.[]

  • Decompression Sickness

    The exact biochemistry is not known, but the symptoms include impaired judgement, loss of short-term memory, slowed response time, and sometimes euphoria.[] A 33-yr-old man came to the emergency department with the chief complaint of a severe headache and decreased sensation in his right hand following a deep dive on scuba.[] Although the majority of cases are manifested by joint or limb pains (Type I DCS), patients may present with a wide array of symptoms, such as neurologic deficits, headache[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    Chronic extra-axial fluid collections, cerebral atrophy, and cystic encephalomalacia are common late sequelae. 29 Sequential cranial imaging studies are recommended.[] ; disrupted insight, judgement, and thought; reduced processing speed; distractibility; and deficits in executive functions such as abstract reasoning, planning, problem-solving[] Somatic Symptoms Headache is the most common symptom of MTBI. 4 Possible causes include posttraumatic migraine, tension headache, exacerbation of a preexisting headache disorder[]

  • Hypertensive Encephalopathy

    The question frequently arises whether the neurological symptoms are caused by cerebral hemorrhages as a result of rupture of diseased vessels, encephalomalacias from thrombosis[] Alterations in consciousness may follow several hours later, which include impaired judgement and memory, confusion, somnolence and stupor.[] A 68-year-old woman presented with thunderclap headache, which led to a search for subarachnoid hemorrhage.[]

  • Frontal Lobe Neoplasm

    Fifteen years ago, the patient underwent brain CT scan, revealing right frontal encephalomalacia (Figure 3).[] Headache Insomnia Drowsiness Changes in Personality Confusion Depression Easily Irritable Impaired judgement Loss of Vision Decreased heart and respiratory rate Communication[] […] less common Clinical manisfestations in Grades III and IV Most fx for ages 50-60 Rapidly progressive symptoms: - unilateral headache followed by general headache - increased[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    Figure 7 Axial T1-weighted image after gadolinium administration showing complete resolution of lesions with chronic encephalomalacia at 1 year postsurgery and after completing[] Other features of headache from brain tumors are as follows: Most headaches in patients with brain tumors are nonspecific and resemble tension-type headaches [1, 2, 3] In[] 3] In patients with established headache, may manifest as a change in the headache pattern New onset of headaches in middle-aged or older patients is worrisome The location[]

  • Brain Compression

    Incidental Findings On pre-season imaging, one athlete demonstrated an area of volume loss and encephalomalacia involving the left mesial temporal lobe and hippocampus with[] Headache, left hemiparesis (4/5) and dysarthria starting 5 days ago. Brain CT shows right hemisferic subacute subdural hematoma, brain compression and midline shift.[] Symptoms of brain compression, which can show up immediately following a head injury or weeks later, include: headaches vomiting drowsiness dizziness confusion, progressive[]

  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis

    Gross inspection on autopsy reveals edema, leptomeningeal vascular congestion, hemorrhage, and encephalomalacia.[] A short prodrome of 5 to 10 days might be present with symptoms like abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea and headache.[] Autopsy revealed diffuse encephalomalacia, marked perivascular chronic inflammatory changes, and focal intraparenchymal perivascular hemorrhage in the caudate nucleus and[]

  • Asphyxia

    This entity is called cystic encephalomalacia or multicystic encephalopathy . Ulegyria Ulegyria. Atrophic-wormy-gyri and a cyst.[] In Horner's syndrome, additional symptoms of ipsilateral headache or neck pain, tinnitus, or any cerebral ischaemic symptoms should raise suspicion of blunt carotid injury[]

  • Powassan Encephalitis

    MRI, however, revealed gliosis with encephalomalacia in both thalami and basal ganglia, along with volume loss and early mineralization in the left basal ganglia.[] Symptoms manifest within 7–10 days and include fever, headache, partial paralysis, confusion, nausea and even coma.[] […] motor and verbal development on follow-up at the age of 10 months, but a head MRI showed severely abnormal brain conditions, including scarring (gliosis) and softening (encephalomalacia[]

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