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1,278 Possible Causes for Encephalomalacia, Limb Joint Contracture, Occipital Slowing

  • Stroke

    In contrast, DWI remains elevated due to persistent high T2/FLAIR signal ( T2 shine through ), unless hemorrhage ( T2 blackout ) or cystic encephalomalacia 10.[] […] disuse of the limb with the use of splints or other tools to stabilize the joint.[] A well-circumscribed region of cerebrospinal fluid–like low density, resulting from encephalomalacia and cystic change, is eventually seen.[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    Chronic extra-axial fluid collections, cerebral atrophy, and cystic encephalomalacia are common late sequelae. 29 Sequential cranial imaging studies are recommended.[] […] survive, they may be cortically blind; have spasticity, seizure disorders, or microcephaly; or have chronic subdural fluid collections, enlarging ventricles, cerebral atrophy, encephalomalacia[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Grade IV: multicystic encephalomalacia (18.05%), porencephaly (21.66%), posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus (58.33%).[] Cerebral MRI – multicystic encephalomalacia Periventricular leucomalakia (PL) is a cerebral white matter injury in the premature infant.[] Other complications, such as multicystic encephalomalacia, periventricular leukomalacia (9), cerebral palsy (10), learning disabilities, language and behavior disorders (11[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture
  • Encephalitis

    Eventually, it results in marked cystic encephalomalacia and volume loss in affected areas.[] In time, the lesions evolve into cystic encephalomalacia with microcephaly. The diagnosis is made by PCR of CSF.[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture
  • Brain Neoplasm

    Figure 7 Axial T1-weighted image after gadolinium administration showing complete resolution of lesions with chronic encephalomalacia at 1 year postsurgery and after completing[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture
  • Familial Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations

    Gliosis and encephalomalacia were identified in the right parietal lobe with parenchymal volume loss secondary to a vascular anomaly.[] Blood is replaced with chronic inflammation, scar tissue, gliosis, and encephalomalacia.[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture
  • Brain Concussion

    A brain concussion is a still incompletely defined syndrome of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that causes a spectrum of symptoms without evident structural damage to the brain. A headache, cognitive deficits, emotional instability, sleep disturbances, and an overall change in mental state after trauma are highly[…][]

    Missing: Encephalomalacia Limb Joint Contracture
  • Migraine

    Strongly associated with the aura many migraineurs get, this slow wave of abnormal neuronal excitation usually begins in the occipital lobe at the back of the brain, and spreads[]

    Missing: Encephalomalacia Limb Joint Contracture
  • Epilepsy

    Her EEG showed slow background with continuous occipital small spikes and photosensitivity.[]

    Missing: Encephalomalacia Limb Joint Contracture
  • Cerebral Embolism

    […] see also Embolism, brain) 434.1 intracranial (see also Embolism, brain) 434.1 meninges (see also Embolism, brain) 434.1 vessels of brain (see also Embolism, brain) 434.1 Encephalomalacia[] Occlusion, retina) 362.30 septic 449 specified site NEC 444.89 vertebral (see also Occlusion, artery, vertebral) 433.2 brain 434.1 cerebral (see also Embolism, brain) 434.1 encephalomalacia[]

    Missing: Limb Joint Contracture Occipital Slowing