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2,188 Possible Causes for Endometriosis, Irregular Menstruation, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)

Did you mean: Endometriosis, Irregular Menstruation, Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Signs and symptoms, when present, may include lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, fever, burning with urination, pain with sex, bleeding after sex, or irregular menstruation[] The women were divided into two groups: Group 1 with endometriosis (n 21) and Group 2 without endometriosis (n 127).[] menstruation.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Ovarian Cyst

    menstruation Abdominal swelling or unusual increased abdominal girth Abdominal pain in patients taking blood thinners such as warfarin ( Coumadin ) Increased facial hair[] Endometriosis of the appendix is rare, and we present a case of endometriosis of the appendix with adhesion to right ovarian cyst presenting as intussusception of a mucocele[] The following are risk factors for developing ovarian cysts: History of previous ovarian cysts Irregular menstrual cycles Obesity Early menstruation (11 years or younger)[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Endometriosis

    menstruation and urinary frequency.[] Pelvic MRI should not be used as the primary investigation to diagnose endometriosis in women with symptoms or signs suggestive of endometriosis.[] Continuous use in this manner will generally stop menstruation altogether. Occasionally, weight gain, breast tenderness, nausea, and irregular bleeding may occur.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Uterine Fibroid

    These fibroids can cause irregular menstruation, pelvic pain, and pressure symptoms on surrounding organs.[] Endometriosis or Fibroids? Both uterine fibroids and endometriosis cause pelvic pain, and sometimes the two conditions can be confused.[] As they grow they may cause pressure on neighboring organs, painful menstruation, profuse and irregular menstrual bleeding, vaginal discharge, or frequent urination, as well[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    Painful bowel movements Fatigue Heavy or irregular bleeding Pain during ovulation Gastrointestinal problems (constipation, diarrhea, bloating) Painful urination Lower back[] At the time of surgery, an appendectomy also was performed owing to concern for concurrent appendicitis; histopathologic examination revealed appendiceal endometriosis.[] Histopathological examination revealed endometriosis.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary

    They occur in about 50 percent of women with irregular menstruation and in about 30 percent of women with regular menstruation.[] The endometriosis was composed of a layer of atypical epithelium (atypical endometriosis), and gradual merges between endometriosis and carcinoma were present in 3 cases.[] They produce high levels of hCG and can cause early puberty in children or menometrorrhagia (irregular, heavy menstruation) after menarche.[22] Immature (solid) teratoma[edit[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    In the absence of ovulation, menstruation becomes painful, profuse and irregular.[] SETTING: Tertiary university-based reference center for endometriosis.[] Therefore, aggressive treatment of BV in patients with known advanced-stage endometriosis may be considered to prevent superinfected endometriomas.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

    For example, if the mass is solid, irregular or fixed, it is more likely to be a cancer.[] Endometriosis was a predictive factor for clear cell and endometrioid type I EOC.[] It is important to note very many more women have endometriosis than are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so having endometriosis should not cause undue concern.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Menopause

    […] or heavy menstruation Weight gain Hair loss Food cravings Fuzzy thinking or forgetfulness Learn how to manage menopausal symptoms.[] Abstract We report a rare case of endometriosis of the bladder in a 68-year-old postmenopausal woman.[] Most often this results in periods becoming irregular and menstruation unpredictable.[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)
  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

    […] condition is often difficult, and referred pain from the abdominal viscera, neurogenic and psychogenic factors have all been implicated, as have pelvic conditions such as endometriosis[] ), or scarring Laparoscopy can be used to exclude endometriosis or other causes of pelvic pain, but does not show pelvic venous reflux.[] Chronic pelvic pain accounts for approximately 10% of outpatient gynecologic visits and among the varied causes, pelvic congestion syndrome is second only to endometriosis[]

    Missing: Progressive Microcephaly (up to 9 SD)

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