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344 Possible Causes for Endometritis, Menopause

  • Vaginitis

    Complications of bacterial vaginosis include endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) .[] Vaginal atrophy caused by decreased levels of ovarian estrogen production is common at menopause.[] Local therapy is also the first-line pharmacologic treatment recommended by the North American Menopause and International Menopause Societies.[]

  • Hydatidiform Mole

    Previously known as syncytial endometritis . [15] Placental site trophoblastic tumour Abbreviated PSTT .[] A 29-year-old Chinese patient with SS became pregnant following one cycle of ovulation induction with human menopausal gonadotropin after secondary infertility.[] S eah : Benign trophoblastic lesions in Mathieu Chorionepithelioma Registry (hydatidiform mole and syncytial endometritis). Amer. J. Obstet. Gynec. 68, 376 (1954).[]

  • Cervical Polyp

    Symptomatic cervical polyps after the menopause must be excised and followed by mandatory fractional dilatation and curettage, because there is a marked incidence of associated[] These include cervical ectropion or cancer, sexually transmitted infections, fibroids, endometritis and pregnancy-related bleeding.[] They are most common in post- menarche , pre- menopausal women who have been pregnant.[]

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    There were 31 cases of tubo-ovarian abscesses, 63 of salpingitis, four of endometritis, and 16 of mild genital infection.[] A 54-year-old menopausal woman visited the emergency room with lower abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever for 4 days.[] This sonogram shows a markedly heterogeneous and thickened endometrium, a finding that is compatible with endometritis. Transabdominal ultrasound scan.[]

  • Endometrial Hyperplasia

    Such treatment generally involves frequent intrauterine operations, including dilation and curettage (D&C) and endometrial biopsy (EMB), which could result in endometritis[] To evaluate the risk factors for endometrial hyperplasia concomitant endometrial polyps in pre- and post-menopausal women.[] Applicable To Hyperplasia (adenomatous) (cystic) (glandular) of endometrium Hyperplastic endometritis The following code(s) above N85.00 contain annotation back-references[]

  • Menstruation

    Endometritis - usually presents as intermenstrual spotting. Fibroids , endometrial polyps and adenomyosis.[] Estrogen exposures occur throughout life, including prenatally, and change with reproductive events, such as menarche and menopause.[] An understanding of the effects of menstruation and menopause on migraine can enable neurologists to provide targeted and appropriate medical and hormonal strategies, enabling[]

  • Atrophic Vaginitis

    If there is discharge or bleeding, an infection screen may be relevant (for vaginal infections or endometritis). Other causes of recurrent UTI.[] Vaginal atrophy caused by decreased levels of ovarian estrogen production is common at menopause.[] Genital tract infections: vulva, vagina, cervix, toxic shock syndrome, endometritis, and salpingitis. In: Lobo RA, Gershenson DM, Lentz GM, Valea FA, eds.[]

  • Trigonitis

    Aside from cervicitis or endometritis, nothing much has been offered until recently, when Dr. R. O'Donnell of Las Vegas described his "I. R.[] It usually occurs in women and is caused by a lack of oestrogen after the menopause or after a total hysterectomy causes the tissue of the vagina and adjacent bladder base[] Hólyagnyak elzáródás Nem specifikus húgycsőgyulladás Húgyúti fertőzés nem meghatározott helyen Egyéb meghatározott vizelet-incontinentia A méhkürt és petefészek idült gyulladása Endometritis[]

  • Hydrosalpinx

    PID following pregnancy (childbirth or abortion): This primarily targets the uterine lining, causing endometritis.[] It is exceedingly rare for a hydrosalpinx to become malignant and most will shrink away when a woman becomes menopausal.[] HysterSisters Articles Diagnosis Options to Hysterectomy Treatment Alternatives Pre-Op Hysterectomy Post-Op Hysterectomy Separate Surgeries Hormone and Menopause Intimacy[]

  • Oophoritis

    Patient with PID, endometritis, IUCD users should be followed up because of their close association with this entity.[] Three patients with premature menopause presumably caused by this agent were described.[] The importance of this diagnosis and its relationship to the possible development of secondary oligomenorrhoea and early menopause is discussed.[]

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