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237 Possible Causes for Enlarged Blind Spot

  • Papilledema

    Goldmann visual field revealed an enlarged blind spot in the right eye only ( Figure 2 ).[] Visual field testing may detect an enlarged blind spot. Later, visual field testing may show defects typical of nerve fiber bundle defects and loss of peripheral vision.[] It can progress to enlargement of the blind spot, blurring of vision, visual obscurations (inability to see in a particular part of the visual field for a period of time).[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    In patients with visual loss, the most common perimetric finding was partial arcuate visual field defect with an enlarged blind spot, and patients tended to have mild loss[] . – Enlarged blind spot or other visual field loss. – Diplopia. 6. Associated Conditions  Before examination, think!?[] The most common visual field defect was a partial arcuate defect with an enlarged blind spot, and the average (SD) CSF opening pressure was 343.5 (86.9) mm H 2 O.[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    Subdural hematoma is defined as a collection of blood outside the brain below the dura mater. Presentations seen is dependent on the level of bleeding but general include siezures, apathy, weakness, lethargy, nausea, dizziness, behaviorual changes, confusion and severe headache. Chronic subdural hematoma may have[…][]

  • Astrocytoma of the Brain

    Changes (such as swelling) may be observed in the back of the eye, where the blind spot is.[] In young children, the growing pressure of an astrocytoma tumor inside the skull may enlarge the head.[]

  • Epidural Hematoma

    Epidural hematoma is when bleeding occurs between the tough outer membrane covering the brain (dura mater) and the skull. Often there is loss of consciousness following a head injury, a brief regaining of consciousness, and then loss of consciousness again. Other symptoms may include headache, confusion, vomiting,[…][]

  • Acute Subdural Hematoma

    BACKGROUND: Acute subdural hematoma is uncommon following open-heart surgery, but may result in increased mortality and morbidity. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was performed involving all patients who underwent thoracic aortic surgery from January 2009 to February 2013. There were 53 patients who had[…][]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: To compare differences in diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced (DSC) magnetic resonance (MR) perfusion imaging characteristics of recurrent neoplasm and radiation necrosis in patients with brain tumors previously treated with radiotherapy[…][]

  • Ocular Migraine

    The blind spot usually enlarges and may move across their field of vision.[] The blind spot usually enlarges and may move across your field of vision.[] […] the blind spot.[]

  • Brain Abscess

    Gas-containing brain abscess remains a life-threatening disease that requires immediate diagnostic and therapeutic intervention. The aim of this study is to report on a series of gas-containing brain abscess and discuss its pathological mechanism and therapeutic consideration. This study included 11 patients with[…][]

  • Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy

    The phenomenon was first recognised in the multiple evanescent white dot syndrome (MEWDS) as the enlarged blind spot syndrome.[] The amplitudes of the multifocal ERGs were reduced in the area of the enlarged blind spot.[] Goldmann perimetry showed enlarged blind spots of Mariotte bilaterally in 2 patients and unilaterally in 3 patients.[]

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