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997 Possible Causes for Enlargement of the Spleen, Hepatomegaly, Pregnancy

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Livestrong: Effects of High Temperature on Pregnancy.[] KEYWORDS: Epstein-Barr virus; Hepatomegaly; cytomegalovirus[] Enlargement of the spleen Mononucleosis may cause enlargement of the spleen.[]

  • Cytomegalovirus Infection

    This review summarizes the current knowledge about CMV infection in pregnancy.[] Radiologic examinations were carried out, and the computed tomography scan revealed a hepatomegaly and a chest X-ray showed evidence of a unilateral pleural effusion.[] Older kids and teens who are infected may have mono-like symptoms, including tiredness, muscle aches, headache , fever , and an enlarged liver and spleen.[]

  • Hepatic Vein Occlusion

    Meet the needs of specific patient groups with a new chapter on Bleeding and the Management of Hemorrhagic Disorders in Pregnancy and an extensively updated chapter on Thrombosis[] The syndrome may present in an acute form with upper abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, ascites and tender hepatomegaly or in a chronic form, mimicking cirrhotic ascites.[] , enlargement of the spleen , fluid accumulation within the peritoneal cavity , elevated liver enzymes , and eventually encephalopathy .[]

  • Gaucher Disease

    453 (25.8%) pregnancies.[] After 4years of ERT, therapeutic goals for thrombocytopenia and splenomegaly had been achieved in 100% of patients; goals for anemia and hepatomegaly had been achieved in[] [] Enlargement of the Spleen Mutations in GBA lead to the accumulation of glycosylceramide in the lysosome causing an enlargement of the spleen and[]

  • Fetal Erythroblastosis

    All about pregnancy signs and symptoms of pregnancy pregnancy tests home pregnancy test pregnancy stages first trimester of pregnancy second trimester of pregnancy third trimester[] Also, the newborn will be anemic and pale and present splenomegaly and hepatomegaly, caused by extramedullary hematopoiesis. Portal hypertension has the same cause.[] Symptoms include jaundice , anemia , enlarged liver and spleen .[]

  • Alpha Thalassemia

    They had a healthy non-thalassemic daughter from the first pregnancy but the second pregnancy ended unexpectedly with Hb Bart's hydrops fetalis.[] Concurrent alpha thalassemia might be a protective trait against significant hepatomegaly in sickle cell anaemia patients more than 60 months of age at Mulago hospital.[] Defects in three of the genes cause a condition marked by hemolytic anemia and enlargement of the spleen.[]

  • TORCH Syndrome

    PCR is also used to detect HSV from genital lesions in pregnancy.[] On the contrary, findings resembling congenital infectious diseases including neonatal icterus, hyperbilirubinemia, thrombocytopenia, and hepatomegaly, affect less than half[] An enlarged liver and spleen (hepatosplenomegaly) is typical, as is the yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes called jaundice.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 1

    Risk for current or future pregnancies is dependent on your partner’s carrier status.[] Scheie's syndrome Scheie patients tend to be diagnosed as teenagers with hepatomegaly, joint contractures, cardiac valve abnormalities and corneal clouding .[] […] liver and spleen Hernia (inguinal or umbilical) Hearing loss Delayed mental development Coarse facial features Communicating hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) Abnormally[]

  • Syphilitic Cirrhosis

    […] patients has been exposed to any significant risk throughout pregnancy).[] Symptom Congenital syphilitic cirrhosis Symptoms Common symptoms Malignant jaundice hepatomegaly liver follicular atrophy liver failure splenomegaly nausea skin itching abortion[] […] liver or spleen Loss of body hair Bleeding and bruising Vomiting blood Neurological problems, such as forgetfulness, confusion, agitation, or tremors Inability to process[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    With this information, carrier testing for at-risk female relatives and prenatal testing for pregnancies at increased risk become possible.[] Protuberant abdomen Diarrhea Short stature Skeletal deformities Joint stiffness Inguinal or umbilical hernia Developmental delay Intellectual disability Hyperactivity Seizures Hepatomegaly[] Individuals with this disorder may experience the following signs: abnormal retina, heart murmur and leaky heart valves, enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) enlarged spleen (splenomegaly[]

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