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398 Possible Causes for Enophthalmos

  • Orbital Floor Fracture

    Our patient had delayed enophthalmos in a manner similar to silent sinus syndrome or imploding antrum syndrome.[] Postoperative diplopia, enophthalmos, eye motility, cosmetic appearance, and complications were documented.[] A total of 24 patients (11%) had an exophthalmos and 13 (9%) an enophthalmos. Most patients (69%) complained of infraorbital dysesthesia.[]

  • Pancoast Syndrome

    •Horner’s Syndrome: miosis, ptosis, enophthalmos and anhidrosis. •Lower brachial plexus injury (C8-T1): Klumpke’s palsy.[] Horner syndrome - Enophthalmos, anhidrosis, ipsilateral miosis and ptosis comprise this neurological syndrome, which is encountered in up to 50% of patients with superior[] […] toward the axilla and scapula along the ulnar aspect of the muscles of the hand, (2) Atrophy of hand and arm muscles, (3) Horner syndrome (ptosis, miosis, hemianhidrosis, enophthalmos[]

  • Horner's Syndrome

    A 36-year-old Sri Lankan Sinhalese woman developed unilateral partial ptosis with enophthalmos and myosis one week after total thyroidectomy for a benign multinodular goiter[] Horner's syndrome is characterized by myosis, eyelid ptosis, enophthalmos, and lack of sweating, with vascular dilatation of the lateral part of the face, caused by damage[] It inactivates the orbitalis muscle which produces the effect of enophthalmos. It also reduces sweat secretion in the face.[]

  • Zygomatic Fracture

    There has been no case of chewing problems, cheek numbness or progressive enophthalmos developing postoperatively.[] There may also be enophthalmos or proptosis. Management Similar to orbital floor fractures (see above).[] Enophthalmos.[]

  • Nephronophthisis

    The main findings in this case are: congenital blindness; enophthalmos; photophobia; nystagmus; keratoconus; cataracts; pigmentary degeneration in the fundus of both eyes;[] Ocular examination revealed enophthalmos OU, poor light perception, intraocular pressure of 15 mmHg, sluggish direct and consensual pupillary responses, photophobia, and pendular[]

  • Morphea

    She was evaluated by ophthalmology and found to have enophthalmos but no significant ocular sequelae.[] With time, the discoloration extended to involve the right medial canthus and side of the nose, and she developed enophthalmos and decreased vision of the right eye.[]

  • Exophoria

    Blepharochalasis Ptosis Blepharophimosis Xanthelasma Eyelash Trichiasis Madarosis Lacrimal apparatus Dacryoadenitis Epiphora Dacryocystitis Xerophthalmia Orbit Exophthalmos Enophthalmos[]

  • Radiation Therapy

    More specifically, when enucleation is performed after PBRT due to disease progression, significant enophthalmos and OV decrease can develop and can cause poor facial cosmesis[]

  • Congenital Retinal Detachment

    Moderate eyelid retraction and slight enophthalmos. Surgery: Patient underwent cataract surgery in 1995. Pars-plana vitrectomy in 2000.[]

  • Orbital Varix

    We report a case of pulsating enophthalmos secondary to orbital varix associated with orbital bony defects.[] Type: Journal article Title: Pulsating enophthalmos in association with an orbital varix Author: Selva-Nayagam, D.[] Schlüsselwörter Enophthalmus - orbitale Varix Key words Enophthalmos - orbital varix[]

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