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14 Possible Causes for Eosinophilia, Exfoliation of the Skin, Palmar Hyperlinearity

  • Atopic Dermatitis

    […] and sooth the skin salt aerosol created by Saltair device also helps eczema to heal on parts that are exposed to air; recommended during night sleep to get enough exposure[] We present the case of a 6 year old patient that developed de novo atopic dermatitis, eosinophilia and high levels of total IgE under systemic treatment with tacrolimus.[] Among patients, reduced level of monomeric filaggrin and NMF correlated with the presence of FLG mutations and clinical phenotypes such as xerosis, palmar hyperlinearity and[]

  • Ichthyosis

    People with ichthyosis need to bathe, moisturize and exfoliate their skin on a daily regular basis.[] Consequently, defects in epidermal barrier function lead to pruritus, a susceptibility to skin infections and AD (often with elevation of total immunoglobulin E levels and eosinophilia[] Palms and soles show accentuated creases and when affecting the palms this sign is referred to as palmar hyperlinearity or as “ichthyosis palms”.[]

  • Peeling Skin Syndrome Type A

    Use these herbal remedies for peeling skin in your daily routine and life for miraculous recovery and exfoliation of your skin.[] A rare autosomal recessive form of congenital, ichthyosis characterised by peeling of skin, erythema, pruritus, short stature, eosinophilia, increased IgE A rare autosomal[] Palmar and plantar areas are spared or present erythema, slight thickening of the skin or palmar hyperlinearity. An underlying erythroderma is present.[]

  • Pityriasis Circinata

    Hairy skin may retain these exfoliated cells for longer which articulate to form scales. PSC may be an indication of a more serious condition.[] In the drug induced form there is no herald patch, individual lesions tend to be violet-red in colour, pruritus is more severe, and eosinophilia may be present.[] hyperlinearity; there was no significant association with intrinsic atopic dermatitis.[]

  • Ichthyosis-Prematurity Syndrome

    There’s no cure for ichthyosis, but moisturising and exfoliating the skin daily can help prevent dryness, scaling and the build-up of skin cells.[] When examined at 2–37 years of age, all patients exhibited skin xerosis, fine or focal scaling (Fig. 1c), palmar hyperlinearity or keratoderma, and frequent occurrence of[] Many patients also develop food/respiratory allergies with elevated IgE levels and eosinophilia.[]

  • Parana Hard-Skin Syndrome

    Face: Exfoliation beads lodged in open acne to heal over and sit in skin? Sjogrens: Dehydration? Graves Disease: Autoimmune?[] NEUROVISCERAL STORAGE DISEASE WITH CURVILINEAR BODIES 257050 : NEUROVISCERAL STORAGE DISEASE WITH VERTICAL SUPRANUCLEAR OPHTHALMOPLEGIA 257100 : NEUTROPENIA, LETHAL CONGENITAL, WITH EOSINOPHILIA[] […] of their palmar skin and xerotic fish scale on their legs * Many genetic conditions, such as the large family of ichthyoses (including X-linked ichthyoses, Netherton\'s disease[]

  • Congenital Non-Bullous Ichthyosiform Erythroderma ARCI2

    Discussion Erythroderma is a generalized exfoliative dermatitis of the skin that was first described by Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra in 1868.[] \n\nIchthyosis prematurity syndrome (608649) is a self-improving form of\nichthyosis that includes respiratory complications at birth and\npersistent eosinophilia and is caused[] hyperlinearity were observed.[]

  • Atrophodermia Vermiculata

    Other than temporary pruritus, mild exfoliation and dryness of the skin and lips, our patient did not develop any adverse effects.[] The phenotypic characteristics of ichthyosis vulgaris include palmar hyperlinearity, keratosis pilaris , and a fine scale that is most prominent over the lower abdomen, arms[] Lipodermatosclerosis Striae cutis distensae Skleromyxoedema Atrophic scarring Skleredema diabeticorum Atrophy in skin aging Skleredema adultorum Buschke Atrophodermia vermiculata Eosinophilia-myalgia[]

  • Generalized Follicular Keratosis

    Exfoliate gently: When you exfoliate your skin, you remove the dead skin cells from the surface.[] It is characterized by palmar hyperlinearity, keratosis pilaris and a fine scale that is most prominent over the lower abdomen, arms, and legs.[] Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE). Kimura disease .[]

  • Congenital Non-Bullous Ichthyosiform Erythroderma ARCI 10

    RESULTS: The patient manifested generalized erythema, blistering, and extensive exfoliation of the skin.[] IPS is sometimes associated with atopy and eosinophilia, but it is doubtful whether it represents a true syndrome with extracutaneous manifestations.[] These are best applied to damp skin.[]

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