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59 Possible Causes for Epidemic Disease, Lassa Fever, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

Did you mean: Epidemic, Disease, Lassa Fever, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

  • Marburg Virus Disease

    disease is high.[] Lassa fever imported to England. Commun. Dis. Rep. CDR Wkly. 10 : 99. Anonymous. 2000. Lassa fever, imported case, Netherlands. Wkly. Epidemiol. Rec. 75 : 265.[] […] due to Respirovirus Disease due to Rotavirus Disease due to Spumavirus Disease due to Togaviridae Duvenhage virus disease Ebola virus disease Epidemic cervical myalgia Infectious[]

  • Ebola Virus Disease

    PURPOSE: Timely training was urgently needed at the onset of the 2014 Ebola virus disease epidemic.[] Indirect immunofluorescence for the diagnosis of Lassa fever infection.[] Casals screened some of the people that had recovered from Lassa fever against a number of different antigens and did not find any Oro reactivity with Lassa fever.[]

  • Rift Valley Fever

    Zoonotic Diseases, Pandemic and Epidemic Disease Department, WHO, Geneva 27, Switzerland. 12 Department of Zoology, Environmental Research Group Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PS, United[] EVD & Marburg) Highly pathogenic emerging coronaviruses relevant to humans (MERS Co-V & SARS) Lassa fever virus Nipah virus Rift Valley fever virus Serious diseases necessitating[] Epidemiologic and Clinical Features of Lassa Fever Outbreak in Nigeria, January 1–May 6, 2018.[]

  • Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever

    In additional, the clinical symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment for this epidemic disease are briefly described.[] Lassa is by far the most common type of arenavirus hemorrhagic fever.[] This tool attempts to identify those diseases that pose a public health risk because of their epidemic potential and for which there are no, or insufficient, countermeasures[]

  • Kyasanur Forest Disease

    Bisen and Ruchika Raghuvanshi, Kyasanur Forest Disease, Emerging Epidemics, (361-374), (2013). Patricia K.[] ) Zoonotic viruses ( Vector ) Menangle - Nipah - BDV Rat ( Lassa fever - Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever - Junin - Argentine hemorrhagic fever - Bolivian hemorrhagic fever -[] fever New world hemorrhagic fever Bolivian hemorrhagic fever (Machupo) Argentine hemorrhagic fever (Junin virus) Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever (Guanarito virus) Brazilian[]

  • Lassa Fever

    It is an epidemic prone disease. Just a single case is already an epidemic.[] Symptoms of Lassa fever The incubation period of Lassa fever ranges from 6–21 days.[] Civil conflict and the recent Ebola virus disease epidemic have also hindered the ability of international partners to eradicate Lassa fever in West Africa.[]

  • Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

    Whereas this outbreak was limited, the unprecedented Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, and recent Zika virus disease epidemic in the Americas, has brought into[] […] rate for Lassa fever cases.[] Abstract Viral hemorrhagic fevers include Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Marburg disease and Lassa fever.[]

  • Influenza

    Abstract The evolution of influenza viruses results in (i) recurrent annual epidemics of disease that are caused by progressive antigenic drift of influenza A and B viruses[] Some patients appear acutely ill, with some weakness and respiratory findings, whereas others appear only mildly ill.[] ‘It also caused post-flood diseases for children like influenza, diarrhea and fever.’ ‘Other viral illnesses include influenza, the common cold, Lassa fever, and ebola.’[]

  • Argentinian Hemorrhagic Fever

    A steady extention of AHF endemic area is being observed since the first reports of the disease.[] Visit: Arenavirus ; Lassa Fever ; Viral hemorrhagic fevers It is a severe illness whose symptoms resemble those of Korean Hemorrhagic Fever .[] See also Arenavirus, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever .[]

  • Tick-Borne Hemorrhagic Fever

    See also: epidemic hemorrhagic fever . hemorrhagic fever n.[] HFRS includes diseases such as Korean hemorrhagic fever, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, and nephropathis epidemica.[] Important examples are Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever(CCHF), Ebola and Marburg Haemorrhgic Fevers, Lassa Fever, Rift Valley Fever(RVF), Dengue Haemorrhagic fever (DHF),[]

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