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81 Possible Causes for Epididymal Mass

  • Torsion of the Appendices and Epididymis

    As the disease progresses, the sulcus between the epididymis and testis becomes obliterated, and the inflammatory epididymal mass may become contiguous with the testis, producing[] […] next to the epididymal head[] [Lev, 2014; Yang, 2005 ] Findings consistent with torsion of appendix testis : Size of 5 mm or greater May see hyperechogenic mass between epididymal head and upper pole of[]

  • Spermatocele

    Spermatoceles also are believed to form as a result of infection (epididymitis) or trauma.[] They are also believed to result from epididymitis, physical trauma, or vasectomy.[] They are more common than epididymal cysts , but can appear very similar.[]

  • Acute Epididymitis

    […] and subsequent protein identification by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry; immunofluorescence staining for mitochondrial[] […] typically become one mass.[] […] and subsequent protein identification by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization–time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry; immunofluorescence staining for mitochondrial[]

  • Orchitis and Epididymitis

    Epididymoorchitis requires appropriate antibiotic coverage, as with epididymitis.[] This appears as a hypoechoic intratesticular mass devoid of blood flow. The complications of orchitis are abscess formation and ischemia.[] Follow-up is recommended three to seven days after initial evaluation and initiation of treatment to evaluate for clinical improvement and for the presence of a testicular mass[]

  • Tuberculosis

    , prostatitis, orchitis, or epididymitis Symptoms of gastrointestinal TB are referable to the infected site and may include the following: Nonhealing ulcers of the mouth or[] […] followed by the ankle, elbow, wrist, and shoulder) Symptoms of genitourinary TB may include the following: Flank pain Dysuria Frequent urination In men, a painful scrotal mass[]

  • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

    Eur Respir Rev. 2017 Jan 17;26(143). pii: 160058. doi: 10.1183/16000617.0058-2016. Print 2017 Jan. Rumman N 1, 2 , Jackson C 2, 3 , Collins S 2, 3 , Goggin P 3 , Coles J 2, 3 , Lucas JS 2, 3 . Author information 1 Pediatric Dept, Makassed Hospital, East Jerusalem, Palestine. 2 Academic Unit of Clinical and Experimental Sciences,[…][]

  • Varicocele

    The association between varicoceles and male infertility has been known since the 1950s; however, the pathophysiology of the process remains uncertain. The primary proposed hypotheses involve hyperthermia, venous pressure, testicular blood flow, hormonal imbalance, toxic substances, and reactive oxygen species. It[…][]

  • Epididymitis

    Medical College, India: 25 year old man with epididymal mass: filiarial epididymitis Advertisement[] Chronic epididymitis (five children), presentation with scrotal mass (four), and epididymal abscess (two) occurred only in children with UTAs.[] However, epididymal tuberculosis presented as a huge scrotal mass is uncommon.[]

  • Orchitis

    On imaging the testis and the epididymal mass both had abundant blood flow, although tumor markers were negative.[] Cheville and Ajay Nehra , Benign and Malignant Epididymal Masses Evaluated With Scrotal Sonography , Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine , 27 , 8 , (1195-1202) , (2008) .[] At the same time, a painless right scrotal mass was observed.[]

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    epididymal mass.[] We describe a case of such metastasis which, unlike previous reports, presents as a painful epididymal mass.[] Therefore it is important for urologists to consider epididymal metastasis as part of the differential diagnosis in a patient with known carcinoma of the prostate and a tender[]

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