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3,343 Possible Causes for Epigastric Mass, Pallor, Supraclavicular Adenopathy

  • Gastric Cancer

    Other factors of poor prognosis were: diffuse type, presence of metastasis, supraclavicular adenopathy, a palpable tumor and hepatitis or ascites (Table 4 ).[] Jaundice and pallor may be apparent as well.[] On examination, a nontender epigastric mass was palpated.[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    […] and adjacent mucosa ulcerated carcinoma (penetrating cancer): 70% of all gastric cancers 4 Ultrasound Not useful, unless a large epigastric mass is present or on endoscopic[] Late in the course, abnormalities include an epigastric mass; umbilical, left supraclavicular, or left axillary lymph nodes; hepatomegaly; and an ovarian or rectal mass.[] […] a dependent or posterior wall; filling defect in barium pool lesion on non-dependent or anterior wall; etched in white by a thin layer of barium trapped between edge of mass[]

  • Gastric Leiomyoma

    The main symptoms are epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, sideropenic anaemia, epigastric palpable mass.[] He had gross pallor. Abdominal examination revealed epigastric distention and a tympanic mass in the epigastric area was appreciated.[] Abstract A 62 year-old man was admitted with the chief complaint of a epigastric pain and difficulty of swallowing.[]

    Missing: Supraclavicular Adenopathy
  • Hodgkin's Disease

    Physical examination revealed a cachectic male with pallor, with enlarged left supraclavicular Virchow's lymph node and hepatosplenomegaly.[] We report a case of an 18-year-old man, who presented with fever and was found to have pallor, generalised lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, ascites and pedal oedema.[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass
  • T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma

    Further staging studies revealed bulky adenopathy throughout the mesentery and retroperitoneum.[] Figure 2 A surgeon performed an excisional biopsy of a left supraclavicular node, which was consistent with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma: diffuse proliferation of intermediate[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass
  • Aggressive Systemic Mastocytosis

    In fact, bone marrow failure is associated with cytopenias and patients suffering from anemia, leukopenia, or thrombocytopenia may present with pallor, weakness, and fatigue[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass
  • Pancreatic Abscess

    There was no pallor, icterus or cyanosis. The findings of the cardio-respiratory and nervous system examination were within normal limits.[] On admission, an elastic hard mass with tenderness was palpable in the epigastric region.[] She was malnourished, had mild pallor and generalized oedema. There was no peripheral lymphadenopathy. Examination of the chest did not reveal any abnormality.[]

    Missing: Supraclavicular Adenopathy
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    Physical examination revealed mild pallor with swelling of tongue, lips and perioral region.[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass
  • Skin Cancer

    At autopsy, the brains of the 44 yr XP-A and the 45 yr XP-D patients were profoundly atrophic and characterized microscopically by diffuse neuronal loss, myelin pallor and[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    In addition, look for hypertension, supraclavicular adenopathy, and a flank or abdominal mass with bruit.[] […] are: Hematuria Flank pain A palpable mass in the abdomen or flank Abdominal pain Less common symptoms may include: Hypertension Weight loss Anemia Fever Malaise Back pain Pallor[]

    Missing: Epigastric Mass

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