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149 Possible Causes for Epigastric Pain, Left Shoulder Pain

  • Splenic Rupture

    Abstract A 22-year-old woman presented with a 3-day history of worsening epigastric pain, non-productive cough and vomiting.[] He now presented with sudden severe abdominal and left shoulder pain for 1 day, with no history of antecedent trauma.[] CASE REPORT A 76 year old woman presented with an 18 hour history of epigastric pain and dyspnoea. She had no noticeable comorbidity.[]

  • Myocardial Infarction

    CASE PRESENTATION: A 58 year old lady was admitted to our unit with acute onset epigastric pain and vomiting for 4 h duration.[] At times, the signs may be far less obvious, manifesting with nonspecific or generalized symptoms such as: Pain around the shoulder blades, arm, chest, jaw, left arm, or upper[] 61 yo female with no previous medical history presenting with nausea, vomiting and epigastric pain that began approximately 4 hours after eating at a mexican restaurant.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Differential diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction Arm pain Myocardial ischemia, cervical/thoracic vertebral pain, thoracic outlet syndrome Epigastric pain Myocardial ischemia[] AMI typically presents with central chest pain which may radiate to the neck, left arm, jaw, and shoulders.[] Presentation Chest pain (central chest pain may not be the main symptom): Three quarters of patients present with characteristic central or epigastric chest pain radiating[]

  • Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

    Patients typically present with a history of epigastric pain and hematemesis .[] pain back pain Physical exam upper GI bleed hemodynamic instability can occur with large bleeds signs include hypotension/tachycardia Evaluation Mallory-Weiss tears are diagnosed[] […] or back pain Hematemesis Possible shock with massive hemorrhage References: [2] Diagnostics Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Often a single longitudinal tear (multiple tears are[]

  • Acromegaly

    pain, abdominal tenderness and guarding Postmarketing reports : Intestinal obstruction [ Ref ] Cardiovascular Very common (10% or more): Bradycardia (25%), hypertension ([] […] distension Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): GI bleeding, hemorrhoids , appendicitis , gastric/ peptic ulcer Frequency not reported : Pancreatitis , vomiting, abnormal stools, severe epigastric[]

  • Splenic Infarction

    Epigastric pain and fever began 2 weeks before admission and regressed spontaneously.[] As a result of irritation of the diaphragm, the pain can project to the left shoulder (known as Kehr's sign) and can be flank, whereas diffuse abdominal pain and pleuritic[] Case 4, a 45-year-old male with acute pancreatitis, presented with epigastric pain. CT showed splenic vein thrombosis, and the patient was treated with Coumadin.[]

  • Gastric Volvulus

    Abstract Gastric volvulus (GV) is a rare condition that presents with epigastric pain, retching and at times, vomiting.[] The following are signs and symptoms of gastric volvulus that may occur: Abdominal pain in the upper middle or left upper quadrant Sharp chest pain radiating to the shoulder[] CASE REPORT: We report a rare case of a 23-year-old man who presented with a 1-day history of vomiting, epigastric pain, distention, and constipation.[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    […] joint(s) secondary to gouty arthritis that is secondary to hyperuricemia Priapism, tinnitus, or stupor from leukostasis Left upper quadrant and left shoulder pain as a consequence[] […] satiety secondary to splenomegaly: Most common in chronic myelogenous leukemia and agnogenic myeloid metaplasia Easy bruising, bleeding, and/or symptoms of thrombosis Swollen, painful[]

  • Splenic Abscess

    Case Report A 63 years old male presented to our emergency department with history of epigastric pain and fever of 3 weeks duration.[] We present a case of a 21-year-old woman admitted to the emergency department with the chief complaint of left shoulder pain related to splenic abscess.[] pain, often left pleural, abdominal pressure, upper abdomen or lower chest pain and radiation to the left shoulder, Left upper abdomen often tenderness, the typical visible[]

  • Pancreatitis

    A 44-year-old gentleman presented with a 3-day history of constant severe epigastric pain and associated vomiting.[] […] or left shoulder pain Short-term symptoms can include dehydration and low blood pressure.[] A 44‐year‐old gentleman presented with a 3‐day history of constant severe epigastric pain and associated vomiting.[]

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