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801 Possible Causes for Epigastric Pain, Lymphadenopathy

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    To date, phenytoin-induced nasopharyngeal lymphadenopathy has not previously been reported in the literature.[] A 50-year-old female was referred to our hospital because of postprandial epigastric pain and pancreatic head mass.[] No hilar or mediastinal lymphadenopathies were found. Unilateral left upper lobectomy was performed and the sample was sent for pathology analysis.[]

  • Castleman Disease

    Castleman disease, also known as angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia and giant lymph node hyperplasia, represents a group of non-neoplastic lymphoproliferative disorders[] A 48-year-old woman presented with epigastric pain. CT scan showed a well-encapsulated mass on the ventral border of the pancreas.[] Castleman disease, also called angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia, is a rare lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by enlarged hyperplastic lymph nodes.[]

  • Pancreatic Abscess

    Intraabdominal TB includes lymphadenopathy and focal lesions of solid viscera.[] A 35-year-old man sought treatment for acute epigastric pain, mild jaundice, and high fever.[] Abdominal CT scans showed low-density round masses at the pancreas head or body with/without lymphadenopathy.[]

  • Early Gastric Cancer

    According to the CT scans, 27% (23/85 cases) of positive lymphadenopathy cases and 9.6% (71/737 cases) of negative lymphadenopathy cases showed LN metastasis ( Table 2 ).[] A 49-year-old female was hospitalized due to epigastric pain, postprandial bloating for 3 months.[] Three years later, he revisited our hospital with epigastric pain.[]

  • Gastropathy

    Associated findings were hypertrophic gastric folds, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia, lymphadenopathy, edema, ascites and venous thrombosis.[] A total gastrectomy was done for relief of persistent epigastric pain and correction of hypoproteinemia.[] Characteristically, patients with Ménétrièr's disease are older than 60 years of age and have epigastric pain, weight loss, nausea, diarrhea, and dyspepsia, with or without[]

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    This case is reminiscent of acute pancreatitis with multiple lymphadenopathy and should raise suspicion for Castleman's disease.[] BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis is an inflammatory condition of the pancreas characterized clinically by epigastric abdominal pain and elevated levels of pancreatic enzymes[] A 36 year old male presented to the emergency department with severe epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting without hematemesis, diarrhea and anorexia.[]

  • Barrett Esophagus

    Symptoms Common Barrett's Esophagus symptoms Heartburn (burning sensation behind the breast bone) Epigastric pain (upper abdominal pain) Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing or[] Esophageal adenocarcinoma May have none, or may have constitutional signs such as involuntary weight loss, low energy, and lymphadenopathy.[]

  • T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    In comparison, patients 16 to 60 years old (n 21) more commonly had an anterior mediastinal mass (8 [38%]), hepatosplenomegaly (10 [48%]), and lymphadenopathy (16 [76%]).[] The patient had intermittent, nonradiating epigastric pain, and nonbloody, nonbilious emesis, with no aggravating or alleviating factors.[] […] respiratory emergency, pleural effusion Younger (age 16 - 60 years) patients compared to older (61 years) patients have more hepatosplenomegaly, present with mediastinal mass and lymphadenopathy[]

  • Splenic Rupture

    A 22-year-old woman presented with a 3-day history of worsening epigastric pain, non-productive cough and vomiting.[] Patients usually present with lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly and elevated serum lactate dehydrogenase levels.[] CASE REPORT A 76 year old woman presented with an 18 hour history of epigastric pain and dyspnoea. She had no noticeable comorbidity.[]

  • Gastric Ulcer

    Circumferential gastric wall thickening, more prominent posteriorly with ulceration, adjacent inflammation, and perigastric lymphadenopathy suspicious for a malignancy or[] An 81-year-old man presented with epigastric pain and weight loss for one month. He had a past history of pulmonary tuberculosis, 10 years ago.[] She presented with epigastric pain and melena after surgery.[]

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