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231 Possible Causes for Epilepsy, Thrust Tongue

  • Angelman Syndrome

    Background: Autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy often co-occur; however, the extent to which the association between autism symptoms and epilepsy is due to shared aetiology[] Source: Physical findings include postnatal microcephaly, small flat occiput, a protruding thrusting tongue, prominent jaw, strabismus, and hypopigmentation of the skin, hair[] The syndrome has oral manifestations such as diastemas, tongue thrusting, sucking/swallowing disorder, mandibular prognathism, and wide mouth.[]

  • Cerebral Palsy

    We describe the first clinical case with a 1.607 Mb duplication at 3q29 (chr3: 195,731,956-197,339,329), accompanied by severe intellectual disability, epilepsy, and cerebral[] […] control, reducing tongue thrust ( McCracken 1978 ), normalising tone, and normalising facial and oral sensation.[] […] patient showed no midbrain-hypothalamus dysplasia or congenital/postnatal microcephaly, but dyskinetic cerebral palsy and severe intellectual disability as well as multifocal epilepsy[]

  • Postictal State

    […] and behavioral disorders in patients with epilepsy The effects of treatments and surgery on behavior Pediatric and adolescent epilepsy Disorders associated with epilepsy[] Although clinical behaviors such as apnea, tongue thrusting, sucking movements, and ocular nystagmus can be part of clinical seizure, when these occur in isolation, they do[] […] gap and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.[]

  • Narcolepsy

    Abstract We report a 5-year-old boy with epilepsy and narcolepsy-cataplexy.[] The brain MRI was normal. 24h video-EEG monitoring revealed no abnormal slow or epileptiform discharge on interictal EEG, and no EEG change during tongue thrusting, dropping[] Within 6 months of onset, spontaneous grimaces or jaw-opening episodes with tongue thrusting (often a precursor of later developing cataplexy) is a common symptom in individuals[]

  • Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizure

    Our clinical researchers have made discoveries related to: new treatments for epilepsy surgery for epilepsy effects of stress on seizures optimal treatment of epilepsy in[] Side-to-side head movement Rare More common Tongue biting Occasional Occasional Crying during the attack Rare More common Talking during the attack Rare More common To find[] 2326 Search Results Vaccination and epilepsy Vaccination and epilepsy So I know this is a touchy subject and I am not looking to start an argument here....[]

  • Alpers Syndrome

    The prognosis is poor and most children die in the first decade of life mainly due to intractable epilepsy.[] I hoping she will stop thrusting her tongue against her teeth...poor tongue is so mangled from being bit so often, breaks my heart.[] The patient died in early childhood of fulminant hepatic failure, refractory epilepsy, lactic acidemia, and coma. mtDNA content was 30% of normal in skeletal muscle and 25%[]

  • Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

    In order to delineate the electroclinical phenotype of epilepsy in MWS, we investigated epilepsy onset and evolution, including seizure types, EEG features, and response to[] She had a weak suck and a tongue thrust that made nursing a huge challenge.[] Epilepsy in Mowat–Wilson syndrome: Delineation of the electroclinical phenotype.[]

  • Neonatal Seizures

    METHODS: We performed a literature review using the search terms "neonatal seizures AND outcome", "neonatal seizures AND epilepsy", "neonatal seizures AND post-neonatal epilepsy[] thrusting, lip smacking etc. c) Limb movements - cycling, paddling, boxing etc. d) Autonomic phenomena-tachycardia or bradycardia. e) Apnea may be a rare manifestation of[] Primary outcome was occurrence of post-neonatal epilepsy.[]

  • Rett Syndrome

    Risk factors for epilepsy were assessed using Cox proportional hazards models.[] Common tardive dyskinesia movements include, but are not limited to: facial tics, grimacing, eye blinking, lip smacking, tongue thrusting, moving one’s head back or to the[] Furthermore, we assessed the occurrence of epilepsy.[]

  • Familial Developmental Dysphasia

    CONCLUSION: We have described a novel familial pattern of epilepsy and developmental dysphasia which is not genetically linked to epilepsy or speech disorder loci, as documented[] Although clinical behaviors such as apnea, tongue thrusting, sucking movements, and ocular nystagmus can be part of clinical seizure, when these occur in isolation, they do[] @article{Michelucci2008FamilialEA, title {Familial epilepsy and developmental dysphasia: Description of an Italian pedigree with autosomal dominant inheritance and screening[]

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