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234 Possible Causes for Episcleritis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis

  • Microscopic Polyangiitis

    Mild symptoms of rhinitis, epistaxis, and sinusitis may occur; however, if the upper respiratory tract is severely affected, the cause is more likely to be GPA.[] ., sinusitis ) frequently seen in people affected by GPA.[] MPA can have conjunctival, episcleral, scleral, and corneal manifestations.[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    […] is clinically characterised by ear, nose and throat manifestations in 70 to 100% of patients (persistent nasal obstruction, sinusitis, haemorrhagic and/or crust-forming rhinitis[] X-ray of the sinuses may also reveal chronic inflammation.[] Most common ophthalmic manifestations were orbital masses, episcleritis/conjunctivitis, and scleritis (74/226, 32/226, and 12/226, respectively).[]

  • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

    We report two cases of term infants who presented with prolonged respiratory distress, rhinitis, and situs inversus.[] This supports our hypothesis of a bacterial reservoir in the sinuses.[] […] inflammation ciliary epithelium rostral continuation of the pars ciliaris retinae; non-pigmented, non-neural cells. ciliary flush dilation of deep conjunctival vessels and episcleral[]

  • Relapsing Polychondritis

    .: COPD] [ MED. ] chronische Emphysembronchitis atrophic rhinitis [ MED. ] die Ozaena Lat.: Rhinitis atrophicans, Rhinitis atrophica, Coryza foetida chronic fatigue syndrome[] Typical FDG accumulation was noted in the tracheobronchial trees of nine patients, the costal cartilage of five, joints of five, larynx of four, nasal cavity/paranasal sinuses[] The most common clinical presentations were auricular chondritis (n 9), episcleritis or scleritis (n 5), and large airway involvement (n 3).[]

  • Orbital Cellulitis

    The past medical history is significant for mild intermittent asthma and allergic rhinitis. He is exposed to tobacco at home.[] Frontal sinusitis was the site most commonly associated with surgical intervention among sinusitis patients.[] Ocular manifestations occur secondary to an adjacent granulomatous sinusitis or as a result of focal vasculitis  The nasolacrimal duct may be obstructed and there may be episcleritis[]

  • Dacryocystitis

    Some form of nasal pathology like hypertrophied inferior turbinate, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyp and allergic rhinitis werefound in 19.6% of the patients.[] The authors present 2 pediatric cases of dacryocystitis as the initial sign of invasive fungal sinusitis.[] A52.71 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code A52.71 Late syphilitic oculopathy 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Late syphilitic chorioretinitis Late syphilitic episcleritis[]

  • Aphthous Stomatitis

    We report two cases of PFAPA syndrome: a 3-year-old healthy boy with atopic rhinitis and a boy aged 8 years 5 months who simultaneously had lymphocytic vasculitis syndrome[] New section on healing of the normal tooth socket, and pathology of osseointegration and sinusitis.[] Sweet syndrome, in which mouth ulcers are found with conjunctivitis, episcleritis and inflamed tender skin papules or nodules.[]

  • Osteitis

    Literature searches of Medline, EMBASE and CENTRAL using the search terms osteitis, rhinosinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic disease, and recurrence were performed. 21[] In 2012, the maxillary sinuses were examined with cone beam computed tomography.[] […] permeability Exudate Leukocyte extravasation Chemotaxis Specific locations Nervous CNS Encephalitis Myelitis Meningitis Arachnoiditis PNS Neuritis eye Dacryoadenitis Scleritis Episcleritis[]

  • Lepromatous Leprosy

    These patients had chronic rhinosinusitis because of underlying atrophic rhinitis.[] […] year-old male, a known patient with lepromatous leprosy with a type 2 lepra reaction, who presented with a slowly growing asymptomatic swelling with multiple discharging sinuses[] Other manifestations of ENL include erythema multiforme, episcleritis, acute iridocyclitis, lymphadenitis, polyneuritis, orchitis, polyarthritis, bone pain, edema, hypoalbuminemia[]

  • Thuja

    The authors report 2 cases of rhinitis and conjunctivitis induced by thuja, another member of the Cupressaceae family.[] Nasal swelling ( sinusitis ).[] Recurring episcleritis. Chronic scleritis. Ears.-- Chronic otitis; discharge purulent. Creaking when swallowing. Polypi.[]

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