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414 Possible Causes for Episodic Blurred Vision, Non Specific ST-T Changes

  • Hypoglycemia

    vision Headache Trouble performing routine tasks Note: Symptoms can vary from person to person and episode to episode.[] Symptoms of Hypoglycemia Symptoms of hypoglycemia include the following: Sweating Rapid pulse Shakiness, dizziness, weakness Decreased coordination Difficulty concentrating Blurred[]

  • Stroke

    He developed headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, diplopia, dizziness, and ataxia following the procedure.[] MATERIAL AND METHODS: We present an unusual case of VAD in a 30-year-old male patient following an episode of neck massage.[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    The signs and symptoms of acute alcohol intoxication resemble those of vertebrobasilar stroke. Due to their shared symptoms including double vision, nystagmus, dysarthria, and ataxia, the differential diagnosis of alcohol intoxication and vertebrobasilar stroke may pose a challenge. Moreover, if alcohol intoxication[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Hypereosinophilic Syndrome

    Some patients with hypereosinophilic syndrome experience an encephalopathy caused by CNS dysfunction Blurred vision and slurred speech have been reported Peripheral neuropathies[] Neurologic symptoms are as follows: Embolic or thrombotic strokes or transient ischemic episodes may occur and are often the initial manifestations of hypereosinophilic syndrome[]

  • Hypertension

    Topics: Hypertension 21/06/2007 00:00:00 Current versions available to download Current translated versions available to download: Authors Giuseppe Mancia, Co-Chairperson (Italy), Guy De Backer FESC, Co-Chairperson (Belgium), Anna Dominiczak (UK), Renata Cifkova FESC (Czech Republic), Robert Fagard FESC (Belgium),[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Hyperventilation

    Pitt-Hopkins syndrome is characterized by mental retardation, hyperventilation, and dysmorphic features due to TCF4 mutations. We report a case of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome in a 2½-year-old boy presenting with psychomotor retardation, recurrent respiratory tract infections, and dysmorphic features with absence of[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Esophagitis

    Esophagitis in children is not uncommon, mostly due to gastro-esophageal reflux. Other conditions like eosinophilic and infective esophagitis need to be elucidated in differential diagnoses. Fungal orCandida esophagitisusually occurs in high risk children who are immune-compromised, malnourished, on steroid therapy or[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    A 42-year-old man with a history of Billroth II-gastrectomy, chronic alcoholism, and malnutrition developed acute tetraparesis, two days before admission. He presented with bilateral, proximal upper and lower limb weakness, limb girdle wasting, bilaterally reduced Achilles tendon reflexes, and bilateral stocking-type[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Abstract A marked increase of cases of amphetamine intoxication has been witnessed in Taiwan over the past two years, and poisoning accounts for the direct cause of death in some cases of them. We report a case of 30-year-old woman, who developed immobility, rigidity, mutism and staring after the intake of four[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision
  • Hyperkalemia

    High potassium is usually found when your doctor has ordered blood tests to help diagnose a condition you're already experiencing or to monitor medications you're taking. It's usually not discovered by chance. Talk to your doctor about what your results mean. You may need to change a medication that's affecting[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Blurred Vision

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