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14 Possible Causes for Episodic Facial Swelling, Facial Redness

  • Rosacea

    Physicians are often presented with patients complaining of facial redness and difficult to control rosacea.[] […] flushing of the face and neck Vascular rosacea: Swelling of blood vessels under the facial skin, leading to swollen, warm skin (common in women) Inflammatory rosacea: Formation[] Vascular rosacea Swelling of blood vessels under the facial skin, leading to swollen, warm skin (common in women) Inflammatory rosacea Formation of pimples and enlarged blood[]

  • Erysipelas

    . 6. regional lymph node swelling and tenderness 7.[] PathophysiologyLymphoscintigraphy in patientswith a first-time episode oflower extremity erysipelas hasdocumented lymphaticimpairment in both affectedand non affected legs[] Causative organism* Streptococci are the primarycause of erysipelas.* Most facial infections areattributed to group Astreptococci,*lower extremity infectionsbeing caused by[]

  • Migraine

    […] eye (conjunctival injection) Eyelid swelling (edema) Forehead and facial sweating Tearing (lacrimation) Abnormal small size of the pupil (miosis) Nasal congestion Runny nose[] There is usually tenderness and swelling over the carotid artery in the neck. Episodes can occur several times weekly and last a few minutes to hours.[] Carotidynia: Also called lower-half headache or facial migraine, produces deep, dull, aching, and sometimes piercing pain in the jaw or neck.[]

  • Angioedema

    The following less common causes of swelling tend to persist, rather than come and go over days: Dermatomyositis (muscle weakness, facial redness and swelling); blockage of[] Six months later, the patient had an episode of bilateral facial swelling, lip swelling, and difficulty breathing.[] Although flushing or facial redness was observed in 24 of the 86 patients with angioedema, these symptoms occurred in 103 additional enalapril-treated subjects who did not[]

  • Neck Pain

    In case of elderly patients with unilateral headache, neck and facial pain clinical practice guidelines recommend further referral for medical investigation to exclude red[] We presented a case of a 69-year-old woman who experienced monthly episodes of facial swelling and nonpruritic, erythematous rash on her face, accompanied by high fever, nausea[]

  • Cluster Headache

    […] to light swelling under or around one or both of your eyes a runny nose or stuffy nose facial redness or flushing nausea agitation or restlessness The pain from cluster headaches[] Facial sweating, nasal congestion, drooping eyelids (ptosis), and eyelid swelling (edema) are also common.[] Attacks are associated with eye redness, tearing from the eye, runny nose, nasal congestion, facial sweating, or sometimes eyelid swelling all occuring on one side.[]

  • Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome

    A 35-year-old man with a fissured tongue, recurrent facial palsy and orofacial oedema presented with a 3-month history of conjunctival redness and decreased vision in the[] In recent months, the patient had experienced numerous episodes of facial swelling, affecting his upper lip and gums and was subsequently referred to neurology.[] She experienced the first episode of a peripheral facial paralysis on the same side without orofacial swelling and lingua plicata 1 year ago.[]

  • Dacryocystitis

    Bacterial infection of lacrimal sac usually in infants when nasolacrimal passage fails to open normally In adults, caused by chronic sinusitis, facial trauma, or sinonasal[] […] fracture Foreign bodies (e.g. punctal or canalicular plugs) Symptoms One or more of the following: recurrent episodes of epiphora, plus swelling, tenderness and redness at[] […] neoplasm Delayed diagnosis may lead to permanent sac scarring and persistent tearing Painful, tender red mound overlying lacrimal sac Swelling and redness of surrounding[]

  • Hydroa Vacciniforme

    A 35-year-old Chinese woman presented with a 2.5-year history of facial swelling in the left lower quadrant and a 10-month history of relapsing red papules and vesicles in[] During acute episodes, systemic findings are present, including high fever, facial swelling, liver damage, and hematologic abnormalities.[] […] swelling These turn into dimpled, pit-like papules with black scabs ( necrosis ) on a red and inflamed base Lesions heal to form pale depressed scars The rash usually first[]

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

    Red colored urine may be passed from early childhood.[] However, the patient’s father reported a prior history of “recurrent” episodes of hand and facial swelling that also seemed to occur from prolonged exposure to sunlight and[] Facial mutilation especially of the nose and auricular cartilages and ectropion, keratoconjunctivitis and even loss of vision may occur.[]

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