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3,207 Possible Causes for Episodic Facial Swelling, Lip Swelling, Pericardial Effusion

  • Hereditary Angioedema Type 3

    Causes of Swollen Lips Swelling of the lips can be caused by a variety of different conditions.[] In this context one or more episodes of isolated angioedema may occur, mostly as a facial swelling.[] On physical exam, the patient has swelling of the lips, tongue, and skin around the face and arms.[]

  • Angioedema

    Six months later, the patient had an episode of bilateral facial swelling, lip swelling, and difficulty breathing.[] She had used oral contraceptives for 10 years, and eventually other drugs, which she did not relate to episodes of facial swelling. The patient never fell pregnant.[] A physical examination revealed considerable swelling of his lips and tongue.[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema

    Causes of Swollen Lips Swelling of the lips can be caused by a variety of different conditions.[] The patient reports several episodes of mild facial swelling that occurred during childhood between the ages of 5-18, but he does not recall seeing a physician or receiving[] Skin swellings, including extremity, facial, genital, and trunk swellings, and abdominal attacks occurred in 97.4% of all edema episodes of the disease.[]

  • Myxedema

    A disease caused by decreased activity of the thyroid gland in adults and characterized by dry skin, swellings around the lips and nose, mental deterioration, and a subnormal[] Hypothyroidism is also associated with pericardial effusion with rare progression to tamponade.[] Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: myxedema, myxoedema (noun) hypothyroidism marked by dry skin and swellings around lips and nose as well as mental[]

    Missing: Episodic Facial Swelling
  • Syphilis

    Less commonly, they form on the lips, hands, or eyes. Sores in the vagina and rectum may go undetected unless seen by a physician.[] Swelling and hardening of lymph nodes in the inner thighs and groin is also common and may cause tenderness. Lesions usually heal without treatment within 6 weeks.[]

    Missing: Episodic Facial Swelling
  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    effusion - usually asymptomatic Failure of fusion of distal femoral epiphyses The growing child will have short stature, hypertelorism, depressed bridge of nose, narrow palpebral[] Cool and pale skin Difficult breathing Wide, short hands Reduced activities Dry and brittle hair Swelling around eyes Coarse facial features Thick protruding tongue Goiter[] .  Sluggish feeding  Constipation  Lethargic  Sleep more, needs to be awakened to feed  Hoarse cry  Hypothermia  Cardiomegaly  Murmur  Asymptomatic pericardial effusion[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    Figure 1 6 years old girl with peri-orbital erythema and swelling, cracked lips, swelling and rash of extremities.[] effusion on the fifth day of hospital stay.[] The initial presence of any echocardiographic abnormality (coronary artery dilatation, CAA, pericardial effusion, perivascular brightness of the coronary arteries, left-ventricular[]

    Missing: Episodic Facial Swelling
  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    Physical examination The patient appeared chronically ill, with facial swelling, mild scleral jaundice, lip cyanosis, engorgement of the jugular vein, and a reflux-positive[] Pericardial effusion is demonstrated on the coronal CT-reconstruction.[] effusion心膜液 pericarditis 心膜炎 pericardium 心膜 peripheral 末梢[性] 【形】 permeability透過性、浸透性 phonocardiogram (PCG)心音図 plateau phaceプラトー相 positron emission tomography (PET)ポジトロン放射計断層撮影[]

    Missing: Episodic Facial Swelling
  • Anaphylaxis

    swelling Rhinitis Stridor Tongue edema Cutaneous/mucosal tissue Most common symptoms Urticaria Generalized pruritus without rash Angioedema Erythema/flush Conjunctivitis[] Electrolytes and hemoglobin levels were normal, and a transthoracic echocardiogram showed no signs of pericardial effusions or of any left ventricular contraction.[] It can affect many organs: Skin - itching, hives, redness, swelling Nose - sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose Mouth - itching, swelling of the lips or tongue Throat - itching[]

    Missing: Episodic Facial Swelling
  • Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome

    ,no itching on swollen lip. 1:37 .7 When patient came for follow-up after 3 days,lid swelling on right side has appeared and lip swelling has increased. 1:45 .9 Just observe[] In recent months, the patient had experienced numerous episodes of facial swelling, affecting his upper lip and gums and was subsequently referred to neurology.[] She experienced the first episode of a peripheral facial paralysis on the same side without orofacial swelling and lingua plicata 1 year ago.[]

    Missing: Pericardial Effusion

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