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3,810 Possible Causes for Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia

  • Insulin Resistance

    These “anti-insulinresponses last several hours after a hypoglycemic episode ends ( 4 ).[] Changes in glucose metabolism occurring during counterregulation are, in part, mediated by increased plasma free fatty acids (FFAs), as a result of hypoglycemia-activated[] We aimed to identify the cause of postprandial hypoglycemia in a 10-year-old boy.[]

  • Diabetes in Pregnancy

    The most optimal inpatient strategies for the prevention of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia proximate to delivery remain unclear and will depend upon factors such as maternal[] Maternal-Fetal Metabolism in Diabetes If the maternal pancreatic insulin response is inadequate, maternal and, then, fetal hyperglycemia results.[] Hypoglycemia education important before and during pregnancy to prevent hypoglycemia Women with type 1 diabetes are at risk for ketoacidosis At lower blood glucose levels[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Previous case reports suggest hypoglycemia and faster than normal rates of alcohol elimination found in children with acute alcohol intoxication compared with adults, but[] […] intoxication stems from many complications that arise in the presence of large quantities of ethanol in the circulation ( 350mg/100ml), including lactic acidosis, hypokalemia, hypoglycemia[] Madison LL (1968) Ethanol induced hypoglycemia. Adv Metab Disord 3: 85–109 Google Scholar 47.[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Gestational Diabetes

    Maternal-Fetal Metabolism in Diabetes If the maternal pancreatic insulin response is inadequate, maternal and, then, fetal hyperglycemia results.[] The neonate did not experience hypoglycemia or other complications. Placental biopsy revealed normal findings.[] Although children with a birth weight 90th centile had the highest risk for hypoglycemia, the vast majority of hypoglycemia (78.6%) was detected in those with a birth weight[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    On this page: What is hypoglycemia? What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia? What causes hypoglycemia in people with diabetes? How can hypoglycemia be prevented?[] Diabetic Hypoglycemia (journal) Idiopathic hypoglycemia Neonatal hypoglycemia The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse Hypoglycemia at the Mayo Clinic American Diabetes[] Falls Injuries Motor vehicle accidents Hypoglycemia unawareness Over time, repeated episodes of hypoglycemia can lead to hypoglycemia unawareness.[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Alcohol Abuse

    If you have diabetes, drinking can put you at risk of dangerously low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.[] If your stomach is empty enough, you could end up in hospital with hypoglycemia despite being under the legal driving limit.[] […] history of opioid use may lead to a failure to recognize the signs of withdrawal because many of these findings may be seen in other common neonatal problems such as sepsis or hypoglycemia[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Panic Attacks

    Risk factors Panic attacks are more common with: The use of stimulants like caffeine Hereditary factors Stressful situations Chemical imbalances as may occur with hypoglycemia[] Hypoglycemia. A minor cardiac problem where one or more of the heart’s valves don’t close properly. Certain medications.[] […] attacks, it's important that you seek medical attention to rule out MVP and some of these other medical conditions that can act as causes of panic attack: Hyperthyroidism Hypoglycemia[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Malnutrition

    Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can result from a child not eating for 4 to 6 hours.[] Wasting can affect both children and adults. 7. the child at risk for:  Hypoglycemia  Hypothermia  Fluid overload/ heart failure  Infection A wasted child can be classified[] Hypoglycemia, whether known or suspected, can be treated with a mixture of sugar and water.[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Anemia

    INTRODUCTION Table 1 Etiopathogenic classification of anemia. Regenerative anemia Acute or chronic bleeding Hemolytic anemia Hereditary (hemoglobinopathy, enzymopathy, membrane-cytoskeletal defects) Acquired (autoimmune, mechanical destruction, toxic-metabolic, drugs, infectious, PNH, hypersplenism) Hypo-regenerative[…][]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Alcoholism & Hypoglycemia Alcoholism is the enhanced consumption of ethanol ( 120ml/day) and hypoglycemia is a condition where there is decreased blood glucose levels ( [[] , positional asphyxia or suffocation by inhalation of vomit, exposure to cold coupled with alcohol-induced hypothermia, as well as various metabolic disturbances such as hypoglycemia[] Alcohol can also cause hypoglycemia in alcoholics.[]

    Missing: Episodic Insulin-Responsive Hyperglycemia

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