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2,034 Possible Causes for Episodic Vomiting

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Intravenous ondansetron and metoclopramide reduced the number of episodes of vomiting and hospital admission, and dimenhydrinate as a suppository reduced the duration of vomiting[] Foods to Eat After the BRAT Diet If the BRAT diet is well tolerated with no episodes of vomiting following consumption, a bland diet should be commenced as possible.[] ACUTE GASTROENTERITIS Acute Gastroenteritis is diarrhea or vomiting, or both, of more than several episodes or days duration.[]

  • MELAS Syndrome

    The family survey revealed no abnormal findings except for headache and episodic vomiting in her mother.[] Other clinical features include diabetes mellitus, deafness, episodic vomiting, seizures, and cortical blindness.[] (MELAS) syndrome, a genetically heterogeneous disorder, characterized by episodic vomiting, seizures, and recurrent cerebral insults resembling strokes and causing hemiparesis[]

  • MERRF Syndrome

    R agged r ed f ibers) MELAS syndrome signs and symptoms: muscle weakness and pain recurrent headaches seizures vomiting abdominal pain hearing loss stroke-like episodes MERRF[] The patient might have also had a gastrointestinal condition which could have been due to liver disease , as well as episodes of nausea or vomiting.[] […] in the brain, migraine-type headaches, vomiting and seizures, and can lead to permanent brain damage.[]

  • Leigh's Disease

    These symptoms may be accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, irritability, continuous crying, and seizures.[] The earliest signs may be poor sucking ability,and the loss of head control and motor skills.These symptoms may be accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, irritability,[] These symptoms may be accompanied by loss of appetite , vomiting , irritability, continuous crying, and seizures .[]

  • Myopathy

    (MELAS): Onset occurs from childhood to adulthood Causes stroke-like episodes, migraine headaches, vomiting and seizures, muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, hearing loss[] Vomiting Cognitive or learning deficits Dementia Some symptoms appear with specific syndromes.[] […] cause: Muscle weakness or exercise intolerance Lack of balance or coordination Arryhthmias of the heart or heart failure Problems with eye movements Seizures Stroke-like episodes[]

  • Alexander Disease

    Episodic vomiting appeared at age nine, causing anorexia and insufficient growth.[] Her episodic vomiting improved spontaneously at age 13, and she became neurologically asymptomatic.[] vomiting and/or anorexia; (2) the disease can be self-remitting for at least 12 years; (3) cervicomedullary atrophy, characteristic of the adult form, can be insidiously[]

  • Pendred's Syndrome

    A case of early-onset bilateral sensori-neural deafness with episodic objective vertigo, tinnitus and vomiting, suggestive of Menière's syndrome, was found to have a diffuse[]

  • Succinic Acidemia

    vomiting and lethargy with hyperglycinemia and ketoacidosis; death may follow.[] […] propionate to methylmalonate and with biotin as a cofactor; caused by a mutation in the gene PCCA encoding propionyl-CoA on 13q or PCCB on 3q; the clinical features are episodic[] vomiting and lethargy with hyperammonemia, hyperglycinemia, and ketoacidosis; death may occur following seizures and coma. methylmalonic acidemia An inherited metabolic disease[]

  • Breast Feeding

    A woman with recurrent vomiting episodes over several years was examined by esophagogastroduodenoscopy. This showed a non-peristaltic ventricle.[] In the following a case is described of a patient presenting with recurrent vomiting episodes, whose condition improved spontaneously during pregnancy and breast feeding.[]

  • Cassia

    A 42-year-old woman was admitted to the emergency department with a five-day history of worsening epigastric pain, anorexia, episodic vomiting, and intermittent fever.[]

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