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54 Possible Causes for Epistaxis, Vegan Diet

  • Hypertension

    Hypertensive urgencies frequently present with headache (22%), epistaxis (17%), faintness, and psychomotor agitation (10%) and hypertensive emergencies frequently present[] ( plant-based diet or diet , vegetarian or vegetarian diets or vegetarianism or diets, vegan or vegan diets ) and for blood pressure ( blood pressure or hypertension ).[] […] occur,… there is concern that a vessel [of the brain] becomes ruptured and uncontrollable bleeding occurs, or 'sakteh' [stroke] occurs … and there is the threat of death …; epistaxis[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    Epistaxis or nosebleed. Sinusitis. Perforated nasal septum. Depression. Suicidal ideation. 1 Irritability. Inability to feel pleasure. Inability to concentrate.[] Center for Hope is also proud to be one of the few residential eating disorder programs in the United States that accepts clients who follow vegan or vegetarian diets, or[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    Bleeding is seen in approximately 1% of patients, epistaxis, gum bleeding, ecchymoses, and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding.[] So, when poeple laugh at me now for eating vegan, or drinking green drinks, doing colonics, it's fine with me.[] 180 g per L) in white men, 16 g per dL (160 g per L) in blacks and women) Plethora Pruritus after bathing Splenomegaly Weight loss Weakness Sweating Less Common Bruising/epistaxis[]

  • Essential Hypertension

    Examples include upper levels of stage II hypertension associated with severe headache, shortness of breath, epistaxis, or severe anxiety.[] Doctors may recommend a range of lifestyle adjustments that will commonly include: Adopting a healthy, nutritious diet, ideally vegetarian or vegan in nature Exercising Stress[]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    Williams told CNN last year that she switched to a vegan diet and started a new exercise regime to help her overcome the syndrome, but there's no hard evidence that such interventions[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    ., epistaxis or heavy menstrual flow), active gastrointestinal hemorrhage, severe cardiopulmonary disease, a serum transferrin concentration 2.16 g per liter (normal range[] Some might expect that since the vegan diet contains a form of iron that is not that well absorbed, vegans might be prone to developing iron deficiency anemia.[] ., ulcer in large hiatal hernia) 1 Epistaxis 1 Intestinal resection 1 Table 2.[]

  • Capillary Fragility

    This resulted in a significant improvement of symptoms of capillary fragility (spontaneous ecchymosis, epistaxis, purpura, petechiae, gingivorrhagia, metrorrhagia and conjunctival[] READ MORE Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of premature birth READ MORE A plant-based or vegan diet may be best for keeping type 2 diabetes in check.[]

  • Rehmannia Root

    Hemorrhaging due to extravasation of blood by heat manifested as vomiting with blood, epistaxis, blood in the urine, bloody stool and functional uterine bleeding.[] Pitchford offers clear information on how to gently transition to a diet of whole grains and fresh vegetables, with over 300 simple, tasty vegan recipes and data on the healing[] . • Heat in the blood: epistaxis, hematemesis, hematuria, uterine bleeding. • Heart fire blazing upward: mouth and tongue sores, irritability, insomnia, afternoon or low grade[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Secondary Polycythemia

    Clinical features can include headache, dizziness, epistaxis and exertional dyspnea. Thrombotic events have been observed.[] diet or lack of instrinsic factor Common reason for vitamin B12 deficiency Lack of instrinsic factor Role of instrinsic factor Origin of intrinsic factor Parietal cells in[] Clinical symptoms include headache, dizziness, epistaxis, and exertional dyspnea.[]

  • Megaloblastic Anaemia in Pregnancy

    Patients may report a history of easy bruising and petechiae or epistaxis and gingival bleeding preceding the pregnancy.[] A diet that includes meat, fish and dairy products usually provides enough vitamin B12, but people who don't regularly eat these foods – such as those following a vegan diet[] People following a strict vegan diet tend to be more at risk of developing a vitamin B12 deficiency.[]

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